Lindsay Lohan Calls Off Europe Trip Thanks to Oprah

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Lindsay Lohan called off her planned European vacation thanks to a little advice from Oprah Winfrey, who convinced her she would relapse if she did so.

LiLo booked a one-way ticket across the Atlantic while still in rehab, planning to reward a successful stint in treatment with a vacation in the old country.

The actress pulled the plug, though, following her sit-down with O.

Winfrey, who will interview Lindsay August 18 and is also planning to do a post-rehab documentary series later this month, advised the star against it.

She would face certain failure if she traveled, she argued, at this point in her recovery. Astonishingly, LiLo listened and is staying in NYC with family instead.

Which carries its own risks, but still ... respect for seeing the light.

Winfrey didn't just grill Lindsay on Oprah's Next Chapter, she called her multiple times the day before she was set to leave, convincing her to stay put.

Lindsay agreed, saying she needs to focus on her sobriety now.

It's been a week and her lucid actions are speaking louder than words so far. Even if it seems hard to believe she will never drink again ... baby steps!

Seriously, though. It can't hurt to have O in your camp.

Lindsay Lohan: Can she stay clean?


Not sure how to interpret Europe trip... Out of US jurisdiction and outbid sight. She's in a very scary place right now where relapse at its highest.


So a trip, which was never real, but fabricated by a tabloid media, has now been called off. Source : The same tabloid media, which invented the trip in the first place. I despair for people who reads tabloids and believe the stories.


I've seen these repeated patterns all day long. These so called addiction experts are really propaganda managers for American imperialism justifying overseas wars of conquest against the Muslim world and elsewhere. Get clean and they give all the support you need, that is, right up until you actually open your eyes and start questioning their motives and the way they are using you. Veer for their prescribed line and suddenly they cut you off like dead weight. Or better yet, get "addicted" to psychopharmaceuticals!!!!!


In recovery you never say "you will never drink again" for one day @ a time can quickly become one minute @ a time.


Time will tell the story....I do wis her all the luck in the world. Hang on to Gods hemline or you


I think I have lost respect for Oprah. To "grill" her and publicly humiliate her like that is more likely to make her relapse than a relaxing trip overseas. But Oprah has her money on failures like "LiLo,' because without her ubiquitous moral posturing and the incessant Stalinesque goosestepping by brown-nosing know nothings, a lot of sleazy judgmental men wouldn't find the rationalization to make their women feel shitty. Be like Oprah, they say, which really means, stay home, do nothing and just watch Oprah, instead of going out, learning some skills, take control of your life and gain financial independence, the only thing that's going to save you. I mean, wasn't Oprah originally a daytime talk show? Pretty fucking convenient if you ask me. I don't like Oprah.


Praying for ya Lindsay!

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