Lee Thompson Young Dies of Suicide; Actor Was 29

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Lee Thompson Young, a veteran actor who has portrayed Detective Barry Frost on Rizzoli & Isles since 2010, was found dead today at his home in Los Angeles.

He was 29 years old.

Lee Thompson Young on Rizzoli & Isles

Insiders tell TMZ that Young didn't show up to work this morning, so series staffers phoned his landlord and asked him to check on the star.

When the landlord opened the door, he discovered Young's corpse on the floor, seemingly the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Young also appeared on episodes of Smallville, The Good Guys and CSI: NY.

His death is the third to rock the television world in a week, as Gia Allemand also killed herself last Monday, while Lisa Robin Kelly died while sleeping in a rehab facility a few days ago.

We send our best wishes to Young's friends and family.

UPDATE: The actor's manager has confirmed the suicide and TNT has released the following statement in light of this tragedy...

Everyone at Rizzoli & Isles is devastated by the news of the passing of Lee Thompson Young. We are beyond heartbroken at the loss of this sweet, gentle, good-hearted, intelligent man. He was truly a member of our family.

Lee will be cherished and remembered by all who knew and loved him, both on- and offscreen, for his positive energy, infectious smile and soulful grace. We send our deepest condolences and thoughts to his family, to his friends and, most especially, to his beloved mother.


Whomever wrote the above article should not have written about sending "best wishes" to people who are grieving. It should be condolences. "Best wishes" are sent when an occasion is festive.


So sorry for your loss He will be missed and Prayers for Family and friends!!


So very sad and troubling. The price of fame is indeed high. RIP


God bless his family my he rest in peace


Hummmm, but y ll he do sure a tinz becau is a greatest sin againt God n human

@ Jummy

Your compassion is overwhelming. IDIOT!


I don't get it. These people have everything to live for and people who would trade places in a heartbeat. Never give fame to an unstable person.


😞😢I do not know him but may he rest in peace.🌹


How sad to hear about Thompson' passing, I wonder if he was really dating Kerry Duff-->http://dailyentertainmentnews....


I'm deeply saddened by this news! ANY life cut short is for ANY REASON it breaks my heart!
Wish there were ways to reach people before they get to this point!
Everyone - please just be KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!!!


Some of u are idiots and or a**holes. 1st off all no one knows what this Guy or any one that commints suicide is going through. 2nd some commented on "what's the deal on celebrities overdosing n dying or all these celebritie killing themselves?" If some people think about it before running there mouth have u ever thought how many "regular" people die from overdoses or suicides compared to celebrities its sad when it happens to anyone n can probably been prevented but that does not give some people the right to be such an a**. People also need to stop jumping to conclusions as if they know everything. Oh by the way not all celebrities r drug addicts or have a perfect life just cuz they have money.

@ annoyedgirl14

It's certainly easier for a murder to be treated as a suicide when the celebrity has a reputation as a drug user.

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