Lauren Silverman: Setting Up Shop in NYC, Away From Simon Cowell?

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The pregnant Lauren Silverman is not happy with reports that she is considering abandoning her fight for custody of her son to be with Simon Cowell.

Simon's soon-to-be baby mama, who he's reportedly been obsessed with for years and has had an affair with since 2009, is particularly upset about one thing:

A report that she is faced with having to either move to Beverly Hills and live with Simon in his $15 million mansion or stay in NYC with her son, 7.

Her friends say she is remaining in NYC, would never move away from the city and is not considering any living arrangement in which she'd be apart from her son.

If Lauren's friends are telling the truth, it's an interesting twist.

Simon would be living 3,000 miles away from his child in that case, and while he is guaranteed to make sure the baby wants for nothing, that may not fly.

With Cowell based in LA and her current husband, Andrew Silverman, in NYC, and a custody battle over their child looming, something's got to give.

That much is for sure.


Simon should have a DNA test to prove its not Andrew Silvermans or Nicolas Cowell. Lauren did sleep with another man the night before her wedding to Silverman. She is a golddigger thats for sure.


So that could mean Nicolas his the father of Simons baby as they look alike and she had an affair for years and an affair with Simon for years whats to say Nick is not the father it is very possible.


she stopped repairing his socks.


Simon is not the one obsessed , it's Lauren who's always been pathetically obsessed with Simon.
So much so she was sleeping with Simons brother Nicholas first to get to Simon. Get your facts straight

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