Lamar Odom: Hooked on Crack Cocaine?

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In shocking news broken yesterday, we reported the marriage between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom is on the rocks less due to recent cheating allegations and more over the fact that Lamar is battling a drug problem.

TMZ sources have now allegedly discovered the drug at issue is crack cocaine.

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An insider says Odom went to rehab for his substance abuse a year ago and lasted for three weeks.

He then cleaned up for the 2012-2013 basketball season, but once the final whistle blew, Odom was back at it again.

Khloe - who has also been facing accusations from Jennifer Richardson and Polina Polonsky that they carried on affairs at various points with the former first round pick - gathered family members together last week and staged and intervention for her husband.

But he didn't take to the advice offers and Kardashian kicked him out of the house.

The crack cocaine claim is a major one, of course, but personally and professionally for Lamar.

His reps are yet to comment on the story.


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