Lady Gaga: Topless, Backstage at VMAs!

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Lady Gaga wore so little onstage at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, it should come as no surprise that she was barely dressed behind the scenes as well.

Granted, these Terry Richardson photos aren't as eye-popping as the Lady Gaga VMA outfit we saw, but that's because she wore the latter in public.

Still. There is Lady Gaga. In a thong.

Lady Gaga and Mom

Okay, the photo above is family friendly. Literally in her case. That's her mom with her before the show! But some of Terry's other pics are more risque.

Follow the jump for a couple of pictures of Lady Gaga nude (or close to it) that show just how that crazy performance came to be Sunday night:

Lady Gaga Topless: VMA Backstage Photo
Gaga Backstage
Lady Gaga Topless: VMA Backstage Pic

There you have it. As you can see, the Mother Monster needs to limber up before a live performance of "Applause" ... because she lives for that.

Check out loads more pics over at Terry's Diary!


Why be haters. You act like you can be up there doing that when you know good and well you couldn't. Gaga did a fantastic job. If it was Madonna or Beyonce you be praising her. Get over it quit hating and be realistic. We don't live in a communist country. Go with it. Be grateful we can see this. As for Gaga's breast. Either you are blind or something. But that woman is fit. She just doesn't have the plastic silicon in them. Get over it. You want that go turn on the Kardashian's!


nice ass but that's about it.


I would suggest a good shrink. One who could figure out why she is obsessed with herself and her body.


droopy boobs.....

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