Lady Gaga is OVER: Short Film Promotes "Applause" With Reverse Psychology

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Lady Gaga is OVER. Done. Finished. Washed up. A total has been.

Or so we're told in a new film that promotes her new single "Applause" - which she released yesterday, a week ahead of schedule - using reverse psychology.

A new promo clip from the Haus of Gaga, in which she is wearing a mask and has some sort of nodes attached to her temples, touts the star's demise.

As eerie images flash before us, sound bites about her fall from grace play in the background ... and the voiceover, of course, says not to buy "Applause."

Don't do it, Little Monsters. A sort of nude Lady Gaga said so.


this most not duplicate so much a blow job could make you money with antics and no talent besides ugly looks ufff is finally over


my god thank god is over god does exist i could not imagine this ugly tired slut satanic slut still existing thank god is over!


who we must thank? THIS MEANS IT'S FINALLY OVER?

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