Kris Jenner Shoots Down Khloe Kardashian Divorce Talk

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First, Kris Jenner defended Kim Kardashian against Barack Obama.

Now, the reality show matriarch and manager is sticking up for another daughter's marriage, telling TMZ that talk about Khloe Kardashian filing for divorce is pure nonsense.

"Khloe and Lamar are absolutely not getting divorced. There's been no talk of divorce," Jenner says simply.

TMZ sources confirm this statement and have also shot down chatter that Khloe has met with a divorce attorney.

HOWEVER, it's important to note: neither Kris nor any family insider has actually denied the rumors that Lamar Odom cheated on Kardashian.

Two women have come out in the past few weeks and shared sordid tales of their affairs with this basketball star:

First Jennifer Richardson said she has proof of her relationship; and then Polina Polonsky detailed her six-week dalliance with the power forward.

Based on these allegations, do you think Khloe ought to divorce Lamar?


Khloe donnot ever You think to divorce your husband plenty woman want to be in your position so hold your husband thight and have a nice holidays


No Khloe loves her husband Lamar and she do not need to run and get a divorce. Every time a man or woman cheated on his wife or husband they would run to a divorce court lot of people would not be married today. Again Khloe love him and it is her decision when she feels enough is enough. Those women coming out for their few moments of fame is their business as well. If they feel the need to show proof they whored around with Lamar that too is their business and most likely they need a pay day. A whore is a whore and every whore wants to be paid even if it means destroying a husband and wife. Khloe comes from a strong stock and she is not going down without a fight for her husband. I say good girl hold on to your man.

@ No Name

Lol, A strong stock. Oh please Its time to rid everyone of the k-trash clan. Enough is Enough.....


This might be a ploy by Kris to get people to watch her wretched talk show but names and places have been named unless they are all in on it. If it's true Khloe need to get a divorce and move on. If there's two then you can believe there's more..

@ Really!!!

Agree ;0


Oh this year is the downfall of all the k-trash.

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