Kris and Bruce Jenner Tell Their Kids: We Made a Sex Tape!

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The woman behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape has made a sex tape of her own.

This unfortunate, disgusting, nauseating piece of information will come out on Sunday during the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as Bruce Jenner interrupts Khloe Kardashian to tell her that discussion over sexy photos in front of her young sister may be inappropriate.

This, naturally, leads Kris Jenner to jump in, challenge her husband... and admit to the packed table that she and Bruce once filmed a sex tape.

Did they successfully erase the video? It's unclear. Will it ever be released? God, let's hope not. Watch the clip now:


i think nobody is shoked because this family can make crazy things! they have their own fashion to make sex tapes and can not stop )))) what do you think about this ?

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That I searched for this that, which I have looked at this video and was happy


This family is the epitome of dysfunction.

@ Transistor+Radio

Here... That I long searched for this that to look at this video hot MILF queens! Thanks you for the link to this video


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, an old dinosauer turd?

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