Kim Kardashian Unloads on Katie Couric: Fake $hit Talker!

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Kim Kardashian has kept mostly quiet since becoming a mother, only really taking to social media to wish her loved ones a happy birthday or thank her fans for support.

Or, apparently, to tear Katie Couric a new one.

Kim Kardashian Slams Katie Couric

In an interview with In Touch this month, Couric was asked about the Kardashians and wondered aloud why they're famous, adding: "I think it's mostly teenage girls that are interested."

This comment didn't sit very well with Kim.

She posted a photo today on Instagram of Couric's gift for North West, along with the reporter's message, and included with it two of her own, hashtag style:

#IHateFakeMediaFriends #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit

Ouch. Couric has been served, that's for certain. Click to enlarge the photo above and get a closer look at Kardashian's slam ... which was a bit unexpected.

Guess we know what it takes to get Kim talking again, right? Will she next comment on those second baby rumors? All we can do is wait and see.


Kim has no class she's only a azz

@ Michael

People cannot figure out WHY Kim appeals to the teenage girls. Will you teens please explain to the rest of us, just what is it that you find appealing about a pile of trash?

@ Michael

First off, it's she's an ass. Not she's a azz. Don't be afraid to use pronouns!


Takes one to know one...huh Kim...

@ lkh

ass is not a pronoun, it's a noun.

@ lkh

Grammar cops never cease. Get over yourself.

@ lkh

You are so right! Kim and Kanye are both TRASH. When she was preggers she dress like a slut. Kim you are no Kate.

@ honoluludiva

And you're no real woman to diss another like that for the choice she made with regards to what the chick decided to wear! You're an obvious hater because everybody knows Hawaiian women like gorgeous in thier youth, but look like beaches whales when they get older, Real Talk!

@ Kelly

Beached Whale.

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