Kim Kardashian: Shocked by Lamar Odom Drug Use, Supportive of Brother-in-Law

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While the future for Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian remains a mystery, Kim Kardashian simply can't get over the past:

A source tells E! News that the new mother is "shocked" over her brother-in-law's alleged drug use.

Lamar with Kim and Khloe

An anonymous friend confirmed yesterday that Odom is on cocaine, as Khloe works desperate to first save her husband and then, if possible, her marriage.

What is Kim's take on this sad situation? The insider describes her as "very supportive" and as only wanting "what's best for Khloé."

About a week ago, Khloe kicked Lamar out after he refused to receive treatment for his ongoing substance abuse issues, but multiple reports now claim the basketball player (ex-basketball player?) is back home and more receptive to help.

Before Khloe can even contemplate the saving of her relationship, she knows Lamar must save himself. She was spotted wearing her wedding ring on Monday.

Kim "would like to see them work it out," this E! source says of the marriage. "She knows how much they love each other. Everyone in the family feels divorce should be the last option."

But with so many obstacles in front of the pair, can Khloe and Lamar really last? You tell us:


Kim & Lamar I thought were close especially when she went through her divorce with Kris Humphries but dont know how supportive she will be since Khloe is her sister and one the Kardashians went to the news about Lamars addiction


Listen up kidz drugs r bad if u dont believe me ask ur dad if u dont have a dad ask your mom cuz she probably does them all the time listen up kids what i say today dont do drugs cuz theyre bad mmmkay??


Lamar need to work on him not to worry about other people to get better.


Good today ok


I sincerely hope Lamar and Khloe get the help and support they need. Im a real fan.


Keep her nosey mom Kris out her marriage and Kim and they can work it out kick the brother out there house..He probley tired of them in his house his business let them learn how to work it out.Kris just want her hand in something that's why she brought that baby on her show Kris stay out they marriage.


I don't see Kim as supportive of Khloe's marriage. I see her as Jealous! She is always sticking her nose in the relationships of Scott & Kourtney and Khloe & Lamar when she can't even keep any relationship of her own for any amount of time. When you watch the show and see her meddling in her sister's relationship, you see the smirk on her face. Then when she gets caught, she looks like a DEER in the Headlights. I believe Khloe & Lamar can work through this if Kim & Kris keep their big noses out of it!

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