Kim Kardashian: Pregnant with Baby #2?!?

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When will we actually see a few Kim Kardashian baby photos?

The new issue of Life & Style makes that question totally irrelevant, instead posing another unexpected one: is Kim Kardashian actually expecting another baby?!?

According to this hilarious cover story, Kim has stunned her friends with a "surprising announcement."

Granted, the magazine doesn't come out and specifically say the reality star is pregnant... but the implication is clear and, come on, has this tabloid ever steered us wrong in the past?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Story

If Kim really is re-knocked up (note: She's not), at least Kanye West is set to make an honest woman out of her.

According to a different tabloid report, a Kimye wedding is totally in the works. Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Kardashian.


Anything for publicity. I can see Kim thinking up something to get her much needed in the media.Why not show the baby she SHOULD be proud of? Because if she waits she will get millions when she sells the photo's. I see Kim had also had her 3rd nose job. How could she have been pregnant and have nose surgery but her nose is now turned up and tiny????Now that Kim has supposedly given birth to a baby and has Kanye as a maybe husband...her fame is now going down hill because she is no longer very interesting. Was she ever?


Kanye needs too focus on a DNA test and not a wedding,,,That whore name Kris has everything too do with her daughters marrying men and divorcing them for $$$$$$,,,Watch out for her too younger daughters,,,I feel sorry for Bruce Jenner cuz Kris has sucked his sucked his $$$$$ thru his balls


please don't forget she's already 32 years old, folks!!
and she ain't black.

@ abe you're saying only black women should get DNA tests @Abe...really? Lmwao --> laugh my white ass're an ass ...why don't you ask your dad how many DNA test your Hoe Hoe of a mother had to take before your dad claimed you


they make babies like rabbits

@ doh

...and what the heck is a "doh"---> "dick on head" ???

@ doh

Exactly who are "they"...white women would have three times as many babies as your implied "they" were it not for the fact that white women run to the abortion clinic twice as much're silly. Go read a book and get some education...I'm sorry your mother didn't abort you !!!


Ewwww... She wil do anything for money. More babies and more pics to sell for millions. A few years she will have a football team I'm sure.

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