Kim Kardashian: Pregnant with Baby #2?!?

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When will we actually see a few Kim Kardashian baby photos?

The new issue of Life & Style makes that question totally irrelevant, instead posing another unexpected one: is Kim Kardashian actually expecting another baby?!?

According to this hilarious cover story, Kim has stunned her friends with a "surprising announcement."

Granted, the magazine doesn't come out and specifically say the reality star is pregnant... but the implication is clear and, come on, has this tabloid ever steered us wrong in the past?

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Story

If Kim really is re-knocked up (note: She's not), at least Kanye West is set to make an honest woman out of her.

According to a different tabloid report, a Kimye wedding is totally in the works. Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Kardashian.


To the one that said how can she be pregnant while breast feeding you need to do research. I have my second and I was nursing my baby and my sister is prego and nurses. That is a old wise tail you can get prego anytime you have sex!

@ emmi's "old wives tale"

@ emmi

You made me giggle @ old wise's old wives tale. lololol gonna giggle about that for a while. BTW, is a wise tail the same as a smart ass?? LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.

@ Kellie

I don't know why but that IS really FUNNY.Even in the rotten mood
I'm in, I am also still chuckling.Hope she's not breast feeding with her'Old Wise Tails'.tee hee*

@ lori+snyder

it is funny, I needed a funny. I also make type-os'......


Who cares period.


Well that's what whore or should I say a bitch (four legged female dog that just run around having babies) does.


Anything to stay relevant and eat like a pig.

@ Snickers

What''s Your Excuse?


How can she be pregnant while breast feeding


I don't think she's pregnant right now but it wouldn't surprise me if she got pregnant again within the year


Naw...She's just fat.


BS tabloid stories!! Every week and everyday there is a different story.

@ guest+

You got that right.Do these'Kill Kim' ragers not understand that these are 'stories'from 'Anonymous Sources' From A
'GOSSIP' column? Obviously they do not.


will it be called east?

@ ShadowZ

No, South :3 Then East


North West was only born in July, I do not believe a word of it, anything for publicity, they are both so classless, it is literally ANYTHING to make the headlines, they are trash and desperate both of them.

@ Evie

This PUBLICTY comes from the
Lying PUBLICATIONS.No wonder she's hiding out.Between the TRASH from these Rags & the FILTH spewed out by you useless
MORONS, this World is one Friggin SCARY PLACE.

@ Evie

Eve! Ditto. The course to take is Kanye is like a MUTT in a female shower class. God, Kim has to be in the DESPERATE mode to even convince him to KNOCK her up. He need to put a CAP on it like they did in the OIL leak in Louisiana. JESUS, both of them will do ANYTHING to stay in the limelight.

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