Kim Kardashian: NOT in Hiding ... Just Being a Mom!

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Just because Kim Kardashian is breastfeeding North West like a woman possessed around the clock does not make her a recluse, THGers.

Just because she hasn't lost the baby weight doesn't mean she's "in hiding" and unwilling to surface until she regains her pre-pregnancy body.

She is simply recovering from giving birth and getting to know her little one like any other mom, according to a source close to the reality star.

Kim Kardashian Missing

New parents Kim Kardashian, 32, and Kanye West, 36, stepped out Wednesday for a doctor's visit. Kanye, of course, was furious that they were seen.

While she may value privacy, Kim sources say she is not deliberately trying to shield the world from her newborn baby and/or her post-baby body.

"Kim isn't 'in hiding!" the source says. "That's ridiculous!"

"All along she knew she wanted to take time off. She said she wanted to take a few months to herself, and it hasn't even been that long yet."

Time off from what? It's unclear, as always, with Kim Kardashian.

Equally unclear is why so many people speculate about her absence ... after no doubt complaining about her omnipresent nature prior to Nori's birth.

This is what we do here at THG, though, and given that Kris Jenner is the ultimate puppet master, it's impossible not to wonder what she has in store.

Nothing, the Kim insider insists. She's just being a mom, okay?

The source says she is enjoying the discovery of parenthood, however, adding, "She spends tons of time with her daughter and is just learning."

"She didn't know a lot about raising a baby before North was born so it has been a great learning process. She's so happy. I've never seen her happier."

"She is smiling all the time. She just feels very safe and secure at home right now. She's not in any sort of rush to do anything different."

You buying it, THGers? Or is this all part of a big plan? Tell us in our survey below:

Why have we not yet seen any new North West or Kim Kardashian photos?


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She is not smart, the American public is impressionable, gullible and on most days just plain ignorant. This bitch has done nothing of benifit for society. She does not provide any service other than to poison the yet to be mature developed children. People like her and her cheating lying ass family are the benchmark for the materialistic adolescence in this nation. She is a polished porn figure who should not be relevant on any given day.


One look at her and you knew she'd be a ''squat'' little mommy wearing jeans with the butt in the front.


The only one's that are bothered by her reclusive ways are the HATERS and the TABLOIDS. Her fans understand and support her. She just posted an instagram of herself at Kylie's birthday and haters started remarking that she looked like a hippo. Now who in their right mind would enjoy unwarranted verbal attacks from a bunch of ignorant and jealous and unmotivated haters? So she's smart to only come out when she feels ready.

@ jay

I agree. It's not a big deal, she just had a baby let them have time to themselves.

@ jay

Jay you are sort of suckling on Kim's teet like North West it sounds like

@ jay

Go peepee and sleep cuz u sound like a real porn star.... B*tch