Kim Kardashian Baby Pic: The Latest Fake-Out

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Kim Kardashian has taken a pathetic page from Kris Jenner.

A few weeks after Jenner teased her talk show premiere with a supposed North West photo, Kim took to Facebook this week and posted a shot of herself, Kourtney Kardashian and a baby, with the caption:

Love these precious moments...

This is not daughter North West she's looking at, of course.

It is a picture of nephew Mason Dash from a few years ago.

And it seems like even the most ardent Kim Kardashian supporters are growing sick of the fake-outs and misleading images/information. Wrote one follower:

"Enough kim !! We already know this is not ur baby north west !! ... U want millions of dollars just to see ur baby ? C'mom ... Ur baby worth that money? Cuz i dont think so !!!"

Really. We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Kim fan.

Take all the time and privacy you want, Kim. But don't toy with the emotions of those who follow your every move, Tweet and Facebook posting in this manner.

Seriously. This is getting ridiculous even by your standards.


Nothing would ever change my love for Kim.


I could care less if we ever see the baby or her. I'm sick of the whole bunch! Just go away! No one cares!


Why would anyone CARE if it were her's?? C'mon....don't you have anything better to report on?? Honestly!!


Has anyone thought that maybe her kid is so ugly after all her dad is Kanye and he is soooo ugly! He looks like he has the mumps!!!or maybe something is wrong with the kid thats why she hasnt posted a pic????? After all the baby was delivered weeks early. Maybe she has a medical condtion!!! LMAO!!

@ katrina

You ever stop to think about how your name is affiliated with killing endless amounts of people in New Orleans? Just a thought...looks like you're living up to that name of yours....hatin, killer BITCH.

@ Samantha

How ugly Kanye is? Are you serious? With all the make up surgery implants weave fake lashes hair removal that Kimberly gets daily, she's just as ugly as Kanye. Kimberly looks like any other regular girl. If I gave her a regular shirt regular pair o jeans some Nikes and wiped the 30lbs of make up off her face and put her in the middle of Times Square nobody would look twice at her. Trust me.


She is ashamed of her child. It must look like him.

@ marymary

At least that childs parents aren't cousins like your parents are! Dumb Cunt.

@ marymary

Or they could just be doing what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did when little Suri Cruise was born, just waiting til everything does down. Why not?

@ Samantha

Those are my thoughts on this as well. Tom and Katie did not show Suri to the public for 6 months after her birth. I don't see why everyone has to cast negative thoughts out just because a celebrity parent hasn't publicly shown their progeny to the all seeing public viewers. Did anyone ever think that maybe they want time to get use to being first time parents, getting to know their little girl before stepping out and showing her off? I bet she is a beautiful little girl. Knock it off with the negative comments. When they are ready to show her off, they will. Remember, Kanye doesn't want the baby in the public eye anyway, so maybe Kim is just following his lead.


Everyone Liked Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise no one really gives a two cents about them these two idiots only in it for money and publicity fkn morons!


Who is going to be the stupid one and pay millions for the photo. Who cares what she looks like!!


Why would anyone believe that was her kid? It is white and the kid's hair isn't dark. That family is just disgusting. They would sell anything to make a buck. They have already sold their souls to the devil.


Gimmie a break! What else could you, would you possibly expect from them? The pimp mother, the puppet children--all a source of business and money. It's a frickin' empire and the more attention spent on 'em, the more they're gonna do it. They're pathetic, their defenders are worse, and everyone who isn't into the vapid garbage is dang tired. Even when you ignore 'em, they they are....Kardashians, Kardashians, Kardashians.


Well l like her n she has that right to privacy

Fran lester
@ cece+james

well good for you. see if she cares. maybe she'll give you call. MAYBE


The kids just come in this world and shes making money out of him! That is so not cool

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