Kim Kardashian Baby Photo: Unveiled on Kris!

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North West may have been born on June 15, but she will truly arrive in two days.

According to TMZ sources, the first actual Kim Kardashian baby picture was just flashed on the screen during a taping of Kris by Kanye West himself.

The rapper will be the special guest on the episode of Kris Jenner's talk show that airs Friday, and she's teasing it in vintage Kardashian fashion.

Kanye on Kris

Audience members reportedly only saw a quick glimpse of little Nori, in order to avoid any early cell phone captures from leaking out.

But the photo will be presented for a much longer period of time during the actual airing.

Kim and Kanye have been battling for some time over just how to unveil North West to the world, with rumors stating she may simply be revealed on social media.

Or, if she has her way, on the cover of Vogue.

There was also talk that West wanted to sell the images to the highest bidder and donate the proceeds to charity, which is essentially what he's doing here:

Ratings for Kris have been abysmal and this Friday marks her final contracted show. She needs all the ratings help she can get for the program to be picked up.


That poor kid

@ JoeyMo

Poor you.


Lol,kris is so desperate. You can only comment on the show's site if you like her show otherwise you are banned. Can't wait for this annoying show to go away. Boo Hoo to the k-trash family your 15 minutes are up!!

@ Snickers

I wish I could say that surprises me but it doesn't. I haven't been on the website & have only seen about 2 minutes of the talk show. I'm guessing all comments must be approved before being posted. They're all adults, they should be able to take the criticisms. There will always be haters but in this case I think the K's make it too easy.

@ Snickers

If that were remotely true, you wouldn't be hearing or reading about them now. I'd say that thier "15 minutes" are here to stay until further notice. Best get use to it.

@ Dartanion

Have they not been on for eight seasons,at least? How silly to say 'their fifteen minutes' .Not a K watchet myself but you are right.They are here for a while yet.

@ Dartanion

Sorry abe,that was for Dartanion


what's in his sperm, a white kid of a black man? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

@ abe

Lol,ya and if you could comment on her site of the crap show,the numbers would show people are sick of this trash family. Lol,people have a voice and you can also comment if you DON'T like something. I love the people that think you can only comment positive remarks. It's called an opinion,cookie. Have a great day. Lol...........

@ Snickers

There's a difference between an Opinion and ranting &trashing that results in Nonsense.


Oh great - we get to see the bastard child

@ Ken1

Go back to your cave unibomber in training.

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