Ke$ha Backup Dancers OWN Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Outside Concert

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Ke$ha's dancers put on quite a show this week, as the pop star sent her crew to respond to a Westboro Baptist Church protest taking place outside.

In Nebraska, WBC members were belting out lyrics to "God Hates Who U R" - their an anti-gay parody of her anthem of acceptance, "We R Who We R."

The Westboro Baptist Church protesters didn't seem to quite know how to react as Ke$ha's crew began grooving to their intolerant, auto-tuned beat.

Most. Ineffective. Protest. Ever.

Gotta hand it to Ke$ha here. Instead of being intimidated by their anti-gay and anti-Obama signs, she hit back - and in a non hate-filled way.

And yes, "God Hates Who U R" is a real song these people recorded. You can compare it with Ke$ha's 2010 smash hit side-by-side after the jump:


So was it the anti-Obama signs that really pissed them off? Im guessing that hit a nerve since Obama has done so damn much good for the country.

@ Sims

you're an idiot. Thats all I'm satung

Jessica yates
@ Sims

If all you got out of that article is Obama, then you are sad person....

@ Jessica Yates

I got what I needed to get. Did you get the part where obama is of the church of reverend wright? Forgive if I'm not on the Gay bandwagon but even more important is the fact that I would not cater to them either- just to receive votes.

@ Sims

@Trish- I bet you are also one that will get in bed with (ANYONE) Obama! You do realize that he had YEARS to get in bed with you BUT he only did it right before the election! He used you and that's okay with you isn't it as long as he embraces! Obama is the worst possible excuse for a man and let me guess- your stupid idiot ignorant stupid ass voted for him twice! People like you are the reason we ALL do without.

@ Sims

@Trish- maybe you think that I've been waiting for you to sign off? I dont care. Equality? If you are queer then you are as about as equal as your going to get. I realize that Obama is your hero- since he signed off on gays. You nor any other will persuade anyone, you see it's not a civil issue its a moral one- that's where you are stalled and that's where you will stay. It's not natural. Gays should not be able to adopt since it's impossible for 2 to have a child unless of course it's artificially! Great thought artificial since that's what the relationship is to begin with- its not natural to carry on the circle of life.

@ Sims

Sims your a idiot, I bet you go on all these pages and make everything about obama. Just go away and hide in a corner your not wanted or liked. I grew up with gay people they are quite fine people and a few best friends. Equality is coming get over it.

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