Kelly Clarkson on MTV VMAs: So Many "Pitchy Strippers!"

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Kelly Clarkson is not one to stir up any kind of controversy over the Internet.

But even this singer could not resist taking a dig at Miley Cyrus following that artist's ridiculous routine at the MTV Video Music Awards last night, taking to Twitter and hilarious writing:

“Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers.”

Granted, Clarkson did not name Miley by name - but did any other performer prance around with a fake penis while Twerking and wearing nude-colored underwear?

The Cyrus performance - both her own version of "We Can't Stop" and her raunchy duet with Robin Thicke on "Blurred Lines" - is making waves across the World Wide Web.

But for the right reasons? Or did Miley go too far? Sound off now: What did you think of her time on stage at the VMAs?


Your stupid Kadu. Kelly was a music singer before Miley. And she may not be the worst and may not be the best but she sure isn't a horny slut who's attention hungry and messed up a great relationship with a great man and a would be great marriage. She also is a hooker a whore or a b*tch. Nobody cares for your stupid opinion.


She is desperate for attention. Pure trash.


Oh Kelly... ya big ole muffin top.. Your green eyed monster is showing!! Hmmm let's see.. Miley.. Hannah Montana to the most AMAZING performance on the VMA's.. has the WORLD talking about her..SCORE MILEY!! Kelly.. American Idol to..what was that awesome movie..Justin & Kelly Love?? To Kelly & Justins Love??.. Hmmm.. seems as NOBODY paid to see it, rent it or BUY it.. I would have to say..SORE LOSER BABE!! Oh yes.. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials to a MUSIC PROMOTER WHO'S STEP MAMA HAPPENS TO BE REBA !! Maybe he can get your foot in the door called SUCCESS!!


Looks to me like she got all the publicity she was seeking....EVERYONE'S talking about her. Her face will now be in every gossip rag that is in print (SHE HAS A GREAT pr PERSON)....think about it!......and"no", I didn't even bother looking at the video, never watch the VMA's. However, I do find it interesting that the blogs are all covering this UNSAVORY DISPLAY " WITH VIDEO". HA,HA,HA,HA,HA


Looks to me like Miley has gone round the bend and is needing a bit of mental intervention. She's become an attention whore like Rihanna, but she's become even more rank than RiRi is in her bid for attention.


Billy Ray and this tramp have always been hand N Hand and you just have to wonder how much of it is Daddy Rebellion. At the end of the day BR will get the sympathy and she will not be able to face the music back home. She looks like a retard.

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