Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kim is REALLY Obsessed With Kylie Jenner

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It's all about Kim Kardashian, morning, noon and night. We learned that last week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, not that it wasn't obvious prior to that.

Despite being the Golden Child (or Golden Ticket), even Kim can't help but feel a little washed up these days, pregnant and isolated and lonely and bored.

So she's obsessed with young Kyle Jenner. Naturally.

What contrived nonsense did this obsession spawn?

THG recaps the gripping episode, +/- style below ...

These are actual Kim Kardashian quotes:

  • "I want Kylie to remember that I have cool style and cool taste."
  • "I just want to see what the young crowd is about."
  • "[Kylie Jenner] is the real deal."
  • "I just want to be cool again."

Yeah. Minus 7,000.

Right out of the gate she admits she's "obsessed" with her younger sister, but then it gets weird during a clothing design meeting with Khloe and Kourtney.

Kim spends a business meeting gushing about how cool a 15-year-old is, which makes Kourtney and Khloe sufficiently weirded out, and for good reason.

Kim is sort of stalking Kylie's Tumblr. And wants to be featured on it, because every single celebrity gossip blog fawning over you isn't enough. Minus 3,000.

At 32, and as someone who's about to be a mother, her interest in a teenager's "coolness" shows a total lack of self-awareness or grounded being.

It's as if Kim worries people will soon forget about her and move on to someone better ... actually for her, that would be like a fate worse than death.

Plus 500. Not that we condone this, but because we do get it a little. Remember Paris Hilton? No? She was Kim Kardashian before Kim was Kim.

Minus 2,500 for walking into the room with her beanie and a chambray button up, which looks ridiculous, even if the producers put her up to that.

"You made fun of me for being the 'fourth sister' and for not acting my age, and you come in here looking like the 'third younger sister.'" - Kris. Plus 4,000.

Gotta hand it to the Momager for that verbal beatdown.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick decide that the Todd Kraines prank has outlived its shelf life and should probably be put to bed.

Well, he decides that. Plus 500 for maturity.

Kourtney DOUBLES DOWN and tries to get her sisters to go in with her on getting the actual Todd Kraines himself in on the prank. Plus 500 for commitment.

Todd shows up, and Kris completely freaks out, panicking and begging Kourtney not to answer the door, which she can't wait to do because she's in on it.

Plus 1,000 for anything that makes Kris Jenner squirm or lose control of the situation ... if there's anyone who needs a good practical joke it's her.

On a more serious note for Kris, Bruce Jenner's mother, Esther, comes in to town and Kris is upset, given that their history is very far from stellar.

Bruce, on the other hand, really wants the two to figure out their differences and extend an olive branch ... with Kris Jenner, good luck with that, Bruce.

How did it go? Not great, not terrible. Plus 1,000 for making the effort at least, as it's not like so many years of history are just going to be erased.

But Minus 1,000 for too much Kris Jenner in a given week. Yeesh.



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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kim is REALLY Obsessed With Kylie Jenner
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
You are welcome)


Thank you Kanye the show was GREAT! You are such a romantic. I just love The West and The Kardashians. Baby North is so beautiful looking like mommy and daddy.


You do know grandma is going to whore you out!


Move over Kim,there's a new girl on the block which is younger,slimmer,prettier.You can cover S Nort and yourself now.


Who are the Kardashians? and what do they do? Really? and who gives a crap. I'm sorry, but beauty and money aren't what makes a family or a life. God Bless.


kim acted ridiculous. so funny when she stormed off toward kylie's closet. in what universe do kim and kylie wear the same size?? never ever ever. that black outfit that kim was so enraged over had to have been taken in 6 sizes before kylie wore it. and i am not speaking kim's pregnancy size. loved it when kylie told kim she'd never wear the orange jacket kim removed from the closet. kim was crestfallen. yeah kim, your taste sucks. kanye tried to fix kim's lack of fashion sense before the pregnancy; let's hope he can fix it before she finally hits the streets again.
what's with kris awkwardly stuffing her face when mother-in-law esther first walks in with bruce? she couldn't put the d*** plate down for one minute to give the lady a hug? evidently not. then it was grandma who had to make amends. yet kris let bruce think she did it when he said thanks. kris is just evil in every way.


Rob is treated like an outsider ......


Kim and Kris are birds of a feather, they both are all about them .Kim is jealous of her young sisters because they have Bruce's genes and Kris wants to be Kim.They are totally disfuntial as a family but Bruce is don't a great job with his two girls.


Did anyone notice that Khloe, during a talking head, referred to "my real dad?" It was during the lead-up to the Todd Kraines phone call.

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