Katy Perry and Barack Obama Bond, Tweet About Health Care

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Katy Perry and Barack Obama are bonding on Twitter. How sweet.

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards proved to be a great night for Perry, who closed out the show with a knockout performance of her new hit "Roar."

That was before getting a Twitter shout-out from the President!

It began when Perry, an Obama supporter, re-tweeted his message to get affordable healthcare starting October 1, and he was very appreciative.

"Thanks for spreading the word. #ROAR," Obama responded.

Katy said, "Happy to do my part, PREZ!" Later, she added:

"YO what a day! #ROAR-ing @ the #VMAs, Tweeting w/POTUS, & now happy to announce U chose #DARKHORSE FT @therealjuicyj to come out Sept 17th!"

That would be her fan-chosen next single, FYI.

Perry supported Obama's 2012 reelection effort, performing at a fundraiser for the president along with Bon Jovi, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder and others.

Additionally, the curvaceous "Part of Me" pop superstar is also close to Michelle Obama, and even spent her 28th birthday having lunch with FLOTUS.

Sounds like she's practically part of the family! The Obamas, meanwhile, have yet to comment publicly on the phenomenon that is Miley Cyrus Twerking.


Did someone say KATY PERRY? OH YEA- NO DOUBT! The go to gal for political and healthcare advice! Just what we need is a multi-millionaire Pop Star telling us what is best for the middle class. Obama- I'm certain his "ROAD 2 SUCCESS" was the claim 2 fame at saying he never got us into a war, he got us out, BUT BUT .... BUT that ole dream don't look good now -NO it don't look quite the same....... My money says he doesn't have the balls to do anything with Syria. No--- but he can tell you ALLLLLLLL about freedom and equal rights! Maybe he could send Michelle over there and give her dietary advice! Maybe Katy could go over there and say "YOU SEE ITS LIKE AHHHH... PRES.OBAMA IS LIKE, WELL HE'S LIKE COOL....... Maybe he could send Khloe Kardashian over and ugly those MF'ers to death. Maybe Jay Z and his crew could YO YO YO YO YO there ass into surrendering. The more I think about it, this Chemical poisining of Syria is probably just a big PHONY PHONY PHONY PHONY PHONY scandal drummed up by Boehner and Mitt Romney! Obama's ship is sinking and he doesn't have anyone left to blame.


Well said Sims!


If all else fails blame George Bush or play the race card.


A tweeting President! A man who has a country in disarray and a Healthcare bill that nobody seems to want and without a doubt doesnt understand. This guy has unemployment around 15% (real figures) and all he can do is talk about Trayvon, blame Republicans, move the Red Line against Syria and claim the scandals are phony, campaign with rappers and have the help of Katy Perry tweet her support on a Healthcare that no congressman will use as their own medical avenue. It is no wonder we are in the shape we are in. pop singers are who young voters go to for advice on political advice?????? I thank GOD I'm in a state that has bypassed this bill that is nothing but a black hole. The one thing Obama has tapped into is the fact that people will believe any damn thing they hear. All you have to do is keep repeating it, over & over and people ( in time) will assume its true. This guy has no idea how to get out of this mess, he has no backbone and he keeps playing the music so his sheep can keep spreading his word, he has catered to the youth, minorities and the hopeless and he has not delivered on anything and he won't. He is not a leader and the thought of being a leader was the main reason people voted for him to begin with. Tell me Katy WILL YOU be signing up and get in line with the rest of them for your Obamacare! I think not! Will people ever wake up and realize that nothing comes free. No real American that has worked throughout is going to be lead to believe that this country was doing most everything wrong for centuries. That thought and Obamas message is Rubbish.

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