Katie Couric to Kim Kardashian: Sorry! I'm Happy For You!

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Katie Couric claims her baby gift to Kim Kardashian, which the reality star took her to task for, was a nice gesture, and that she never slammed Kim or her family.

Kim put Katie Couric on blast Friday when she Instagrammed a pic of the talk show host's card and gift for little North West with the hashtag #IHateFakeMediaFriends.

She added: #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit.

Katie Couric Press Conference Pic
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Kim Kardashian was furious with the gift, since Katie recently said in an interview that she didn't understand why she and her family are famous.

None of us do, honestly, and Katie says this was just a true statement.

One which she said was made with no ill intent toward the Kards:

"I've met Kim before and I think she's a really sweet person."

"I was responding to a reporter's question, and explaining how I'm intrigued by the public's fascination with her family. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings."

"The gift is genuine, and I'm so happy for Kim and Kanye."

Ass covering? Reasonable explanation? Beef quashed?

Like the inevitable but long-delayed release of North West photos and Kim Kardashian baby body bikini reveals, all we can do is stay tuned, THGers.


this is a shame by all means?


I am sick of KK in the news every single day. Be gone, woman, you never were so you are not now a 'has-been.'


In Hollywood a mouth doesn't work only if you have something backing it up. Dear Kim is closing doors. Her only claim to fame is a name and who she dates. Thus her 15 minutes are up - and she doesn't even know it.


Sorry 4 what? What's she got to be sorry for? Apologize to a "HO" who made a sex tape? She gave her the best complement she could give- said her fan base was teenagers. Surely they are not middle aged women? KK needs to be the one apologizing to American for being the tramp she is- apologize my ass! Kardashian is the worst possible excuse for entertainment there is. Bitch has absolutely no skills for shit unless you call whining like a baby , making sex films and using every living person- SKILLS! She should apologize for using up good air. Young vulnerable girls watch this trash shot and this is who they imitate. This bitch needs to apologize to every living person she has come in contact with.

@ Sharon

I fully agree with you! I don't see why Katie has to apologize to this skank! She's right why is she sorry? She shouldn't even be apologizing, why is she famous and the family famous? How is she famous?! I wish the kids today would realize that she's a skank nothing more.

@ Sharon

I totally agree wit you dis bitch is a has nuffin in her head.. Mud brain b*tch

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