Kathleen Carpenter, Blogger Behind Pink Headband Story, Hospitalized For Mental Health Evaluation

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The woman who wrote the shocking, viral article about her son wearing a pink headband to Walmart has been hospitalized for a mental health evaluation.

Kathleen Carpenter made suicidal comments to deputies, according to a Lake County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

She was taken into custody by the Polk deputy under Florida's Baker Act, which allows law-enforcement to hospitalize people for mental-health evaluation.

The August 2 blog post, written by Carpenter under the byline Katie Vyktoriah, was published on the Huffington Post website and quickly went viral.

Officials became aware of the post detailing the alleged incident in which her toddler was ridiculed and she nearly came to blows with a man at Walmart.

Since Polk County was mentioned specifically in the blog as the responding agency, a Sheriff's Office lieutenant requested a deputy meet with Carpenter.

She told deputies that her two-year-old had been battered at the store by the man who physically removed her headband from the boy's head.

Then, according to the report, she indicated that she was under duress and "made statements that met the criteria for a Law Enforcement Baker Act."

Carpenter told police, according to the report, "that the attention obtained by her story and the negative comments" made her consider killing herself.

The deputy noted that Polk County deputies launched a case for harassing communication based on more than 11,000 emails Carpenter had received.

In the blog, the author wrote that she let her two-year-old son Dexter wear her pink headband to Central Florida Walmart store, because he likes it.

According to her post, a man hurled a homophobic slur at her toddler and cuffed his head, then insulted her as well when she tried to intervene.

The post was picked up by media all over the Internet, and soon, people posted outraged comments - the majority of them in support for the mother.

Others began questioning the validity of her story, however, citing the fact that she did not tell management or the police about the incident when it occurred.

No further posts have been written and her "A Mother Thing" blog has been taken down in the aftermath of the story that brought it so much attention.


Praying for the child, the only one that really matters, especially with a mother like this.


Notice that she's still playing the victim? Stress over threats? C'mon now. The internet was overwhelmingly supportive of this blogger. Most of her 11,000 emails were probaby from her brainless supporters. Smarter folks may have doubted her story, but criticizing is not threatening. She's stressed because she made up a lie, defamed a massive corporation, tried to play the police for fools, and is now probably worried about getting sued, charged or fined. Rather than accept some accountability, she's still painting herself as the victim of meanies. They need to release the video already and put this thing to rest.


I don't believe her story because I know of no mother that would tolerate someone putting their hands on a child in malice. Also,Walmart have a lot of sec cameras.Has anyone checked just to make sure that nothing really happened.

@ T

Walmart doesn't have as many security cameras as some might think. Most of the black domes are empty. It's more expensive to have security cameras than to write off the stolen merchandise.


Just another nut trying to get her name in the paper.


First of all ANY person who would have touch my child in any way would have needed an ambulance....and second what the hell does it matter that the child was wearing a pink blue, green purple or yellow headband.....for one NONE OF ANYONE ELSES BUSINESS...for three...people really need to mind their own business and keep the unwanted and stupid comments to themselves....the parent and the child were not hurting anyone....so whats the problem except for a big mouth man who cant keep his hands or this comments to himself....


Lol. You should have at least read the article before posting.


Are you that dense? She made it all up for the attention! She's mentally ill!

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