Kanye West Sued by Photographer, Accused of Brutal Assault

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Kanye West unveiled the first photo of daughter North West today during a taping of Kris.

But now he has something else to worry about.

Daniel Ramos is suing the artist for assault, battery and restriction of free speech, following the photographer's major run-in with the artist last month.

Kanye West vs. Paparazzo

Seated alongside fame whore attorney Gloria Allred for a press conference today, Ramos said he was on crutches for two weeks as a result of the incident and remains in a lot of pain. He is seeking unspecified damages.

Allred, meanwhile, says the confrontation sets a precedent for celebrities going after members of the press, pointing to the dangerous support Kanye received from stars such as Kylie Jenner and Kirstie Alley for the attack.

The lawyer adds that she's asking the court to issue a protective order against Kanye.

Watch the basis for this legal action now and decide if you think it's lawsuit-worthy:

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