Kanye West "Ballistic" Over Kim Kardashian Photo Op: It Was a Set Up!

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Take cover, photographers of America. Kanye West is apparently very angry.

Following the first sighting of Kim Kardashian since she gave birth on June 15, the rapper has reportedly gone "ballistic" and is determined to discover just how a reporter knew to be waiting in the garage of a Los Angeles medical center for him, Kim and little North West.

Kanye West vs. Photographer

And while West has a history of violence with the paparazzi, Radar Online sources say he blames someone else for this photo op.

Kanye "believes that a member of the Kardashian clan tipped off the photographer," claims the insider. "It’s no secret that Kim works with several media outlets and has been known to tip off the press about her whereabouts.”

In the images (posted by TMZ), the couple's nanny carries a covered-up Nori in her car seat, while Kardashian is wearing a basic button-down, black pants and brown boots.

West has an issue with the pics “because the photographer was in the parking garage of the doctor’s office. He feels absolutely violated and is just angered that their privacy was invaded."

As previously reported, Kanye has his own plan for introducing North to the world: he wants the new family to grace the cover of Vogue.

But will the Kim and kompany go along with it? Expect heads to be butted often between Kanye and his quasi in-laws, as this mole sums up well:

“This won’t be the last time that Kanye will clash with the Kardashians. He just doesn’t understand the obsession with being in the media spotlight... Kanye knows it wasn’t anyone in the doctor’s office or the nanny that leaked the visit, and the circle of people that knew about the appointment was very, very small.”


Of course the media was tipped. KW feels violated and his privacy was invaded SMH. This is the man that was on the cover of a magazine with KK straddling him. Kris is the one in charge of this family. KW has another thing coming if he thinks he is the boss of Kim.
The whole family is trash. And @Sue I absolutely agree with your comment. I have never watched any of their shows or listen to KW music. He is an arrogant A$$hole.


None of this is the baby's fault but I have no respect for Kim at all, actually none of the Kardashians...just want to be in the spotlight and I can't figure out why anybody pays any attention to them.


Thier kid must look like the asshole of a baboon if they are still hiding the half breed mutt


Someone needs to kill that Kuntmuscle Kim, fuckin hate her


OK..OK.. enough of trashing on the baby for craps sake..YOU WANNA TALK UGLY.. TAKE A LOOK A BEYONCE!! She looks like a man!! But honestly folks.. If anyone thought that long ass hair was really hers to begin with has probably never seen a drag show.. She wigs it up just like the drag queens.. and that short nappy ass crap she states is her "new" haircut?? That is her actual manish lookin head.. that she now is tryin to cover up with another wig.. BLLLLLUUUUUUUCCCCKKK........

@ kadu

SO what if beyonce wears a a wig or get her hair weaved in
What Star don't? I am no fan of hers and I know all that carp
Is not hers. She is a entertainer just like Brittany Spears
RI~RI. Are you jealous? You are not paying for it so why Bitch. And if her hair is nappy has you say she has the money to do what the fuck she wants. Love to see what you look like and you probably like her drag queen look.


Some people shouldn't be allowed to have children. You should have to take a stringent test first, really!! lol Peace


That baby must be butt a$$ ugly for them not to want ANYONE to see what she looks like. I don't see what the problem is, I understand that they are entitled to their privacy but really. Babies are born everyday, Kanye is a jackhole, and his baby moms is a media whore, I really feel for that baby, grandma bout to be marketing that baby too! Any parent who charges money for a pic of their child does not deserve to be a parent. The stupidity of the two of them, a child is a blessing from GOD who's presence should be shared with the world! But as u see even celebrities with buttholes full of money will do anything for a dollar!


Paparazzi should leave kim qnd her family only


Kayne, look no further than your ho wife as the tipster. Pretty obvious.


Kanye needs to grow up.He's keeping Kim and Kim's baby like prisoners.It's such a shame.I hope Kim leaves him.

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