Kaitlyn Hunt, Florida Teen Accused of Underage Sex, Arrested AGAIN; Plea Deal Revoked

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Kaitlyn Hunt, the gay Florida teenager accused of having sex with an underage classmate, has been arrested for a second time, according to reports.

Kaitlyn Hunt Mug Shot

In February, Hunt, 19, was expelled from school and charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery for having sex with her girlfriend, then 14.

Hunt was 18 at the time their sexual relationship first came to light.

Although Kaitlyn Hunt maintains that the sex was consensual, the State of Florida considers intercourse with a person under 16 to be a felony offense.

That led to her first arrest. But what got her in trouble again??

Under of a pretrial court order, Hunt was forbidden from contacting the victim. On August 9, she was offered a plea deal to lesser, nonsexual charges.

That offer has been withdrawn, however, following allegations that Hunt repeatedly met with the victim and sent sexually explicit photos via the Internet.

Prosecutors also said that Hunt's mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, has communicated with the victim, and urged her to delete texts exchanged with Kaitlyn.

The case has sparked national attention and at times public outcry - plus a Free Kate campaign on Facebook - given what many feel is the subtext.

If the parents of the underage "victim" weren't so upset about her being a lesbian, Hunt backers believe, no charges would have ever been filed.

Kaitlyn Hunt's mother, Kelley Hunt-Smith, wrote earlier this year:

"These people never came to us as parents, never tried to speak to us... and tell us they had a problem with the girls dating. They were out to destroy my daughter."

"[They] feel like my daughter 'made' their daughter gay."

Hunt will return to court today to learn if the judge plans to revoke bail and send her back to jail. She also faces the possibility of more criminal charges.

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Kaitlyn Hunt was not arrested again, she turned herself in on her own initiative last night. It's notable in fact that she wasn't arrested after a motion was filed late last week alleging communication and contact between Kaitlyn and the younger girl in the case. The judge ordered her today held without bond until the trial.


the police will need the bail?