Justin Bieber: Naked! With a Guitar! Singing to Grandma!

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Sick of seeing Justin Bieber shirtless?

What about Justin Bieber bottomless? Yes, readers, you read that correctly: Justin Bieber, totally and completely bottomless... birthday suit style!

TMZ has somehow uncovered photos of this singer at his grandmother's Toronto residence in October 2012.

Bieber reportedly overslept on Thanksgiving and figured he'd make up for the mishap by getting naked and serenading his grandparent with only a guitar covering his privates.

Seriously! See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Nude
Justin Bieber Naked

No wonder Bieber's fans will defend him against (phony) charges of handicapped parking and flag peeing, huh?

Hot. Stuff.


You look cute wahn your nakad


His private plane could crash and 99% of the adult population would not even bat an eye because they are so sick of his crap and just say, "Such is life. Who cares?" JMHO


justin is nyc person

@ zoyak8990gmail.com

Justin is just a little kid and the reason he buys all those cars and a plane is to feed his ego....One of these days, Justin is going to lose a lot of money....His mom won't be able to get her meal ticket...


I want my dick insides Justin's ass


Justin beiber should be naked all the time. So he could get raped.


personally i dont think he is cute but i do agree with Emanon...right on it...is like REALLY dude..


Just, WOW, another wow, and a UUMMPH!!! for good measure... Now THAT'S what I'm talking about... all you Ugly ppl need 2 just shut up cause dat body and dat booty are just plain AWESOME baby... sure 2 make a more than a FEW "straight" guys reeeaaaly, ahem, "uncomfortable"... lol... I can just see them rushing to look away as fast as possible, like "No! No! I don't want to look at that!!" whilst covering their faces with both hands with slight cracks between their fingers!!!




No. There's not.


I. Love him. So much

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