Joe Francis: I'm NOT Going to Jail!

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Ever defiant, Joe Francis claims he is not going to jail, despite just being sentenced to 270 days in jail for assault and false imprisonment of a woman.

Francis claims the sentence is "ridiculous" and "absurd" and he won't rest until it's all thrown out. He also says the jury is mentally f--king retarded.

Francis was convicted of falsely imprisoning three women at his mansion in 2011, inviting them over to party and then refusing to let them leave.

When one resisted, he allegedly choke-slammed the girl into the floor.

Still, he insisted after posting bail, "I'm 100 percent innocent."

Francis says he has appealed the jail sentence, which means he won't have to turn himself in to do time until a judge shoots down his request.

You know how long that can take in the legal system.

He was also sentenced to probation and psychological counseling, given his obvious temper, but won't be doing a darn thing until his appeal is heard.

Francis says it's a non-issue, because he's still sure he'll win in the end, even though he already lost at trial and had his request for a new one thrown out.

What a douche.

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