Jennifer Richardson: Lamar Odom Cheated on ME!

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Jennifer Richardson claims to have something in common with Khloe Kardashian - and it isn't simply that both women have felt the warm, naked embrace of Lamar Odom.

The tabloid sensation, who claims to have proof of her affair with Odom, tells In Touch Weekly that Lamar didn't simply cheat on Khloe...

... he also cheated on her!

Jennifer Richardson In Touch Photo

“I started to find out there were other girls," Richardson says. "I found a girl named Rosie’s number in his pocket. It was all too much for me.”

We do know, of course, of one other (alleged) mistress: Polina Polonsky is a lawyer who claims she slept with Odom for about six weeks earlier this summer.

Richardson says she's even written a letter to Kardashian in which she warns that Lamar will step out on her again and adds:

“Your fans and so many young women admire and look to you for strength. They deserve to know your marriage is not perfect.”

Based on what you know and what you have heard so far, do you think Khloe should divorce Lamar?


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have been a mistress before thought I was special found out the guy had many other women. I don't know what is best for Khloe. But they have no kid she is young and beautiful she should dump him


He clearly has a"type." He likes milky white skin and dark hair. Just saying. Sad about the drug addiction and mistresses. I hope he didnt contract something to kill himself or Khloe if she takes him back. Darn, I really thought they had it together.....smh


Being part of the Kardashian family could lead anyone to drugs and alcohol. Look at Bruce Jenner. the queens machine has pushed him over the edge and he finally gave on and drank the koolaid. He has been looking "one flew over the coo coos nest" for the past few years. Why anyone would pay him to speak at an event is beyond me. I feel sorry for Lamar because he will never find peace and sobriety while connected to that family.


Oops...ppl, damn auto-correct!


Wow! This skank has nothing on Khloe! What the hell was Lamar thinking? Looking for a trashy hoes like this will always come back to haunt you! And I really thought Lamar was a good guy. Women who date/marry athletes should keep a tight rein on their men cuz there are always skanky hoes chasing pro athletes. Khloe, this little mistake might seem huge now but you'll be the one laughing in the end. Most ppm who go through something so horrible usually end up with the winning hand. Your reward is around the corner, I just know it. Unfortunately, you just had to slum through trash to get the treasure!,,


Why do her fans have a right to know? If she wants to keep her business quiet? That's her right.
Also I'm not hearing either of them denying this. Makes me think they are keeping mum because there's more going on then we know. I'm just going to wait and see...


Your a rich negro bakkaball player and these fugly white chicks are the only skanks you can get??? Lol rich,black and still not getting any top shelf groupies man what a loser chump...lamar..tyrone...latrell...jawuan!

@ Another easy white hoe skank

WOW, wtf is ur problem slamming WHITE WOMEN, ur just jealous b/c NONE OF YOU can get a woman white, black, Asian and so all are just a bunch of haters that don't like white ppl ...get over yourselfs, and shut the FUCK up about white women, I KNOW there is NASTY SKANKY HOES in ALL colors and races....jealous haters on white ppl!!!


I guess all Lamar can attract is stupid, young white women. A black woman wouldn't want him on a stick.

@ jacasa

with his money YES a black woman would want him ANY WAY she could get him....including


Jennifer is an ass hole odom cheated on her khloes husband is Jennifer not ashmed


when your girlfriend is khloe you never cheat!!

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