Jennifer Richardson: Also Scared of Khloe Kardashian!

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Khloe Kardashian is one scary woman these days. At least to the women that have allegedly slept with her husband.

First, Polina Polonsky detailed how Khloe has "investigated" members of her family and personally attacked the attorney, who claims to have carried on a six-week affair with Lamar Odom.

Now, Jennifer Richardson - who has said she has proof of her sexual dalliance with Odom - is echoing her fellow mistresses fears in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

Khloe Kardashian Kover Klaim

“They had private investigators following me for weeks,” Richardson says of the Kardashians. “I was very, very intimidated and scared.”

Jennifer believes Khloe is aware of her affair because she actually sat two rows away from Odom's wife during an Clippers game in April and Kardashian "kept cutting her eyes at me. That’s when I knew she knew.”

Pick up the latest issue of In Touch for more quotes from Richardson and decide if you believe her story.

You can also watch the following excerpts from her interview with Star Magazine and then vote in our poll:

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If the so call gennifer is telling the truth why is she afriad home broker leave Khloe alone and think about your fustrated life


U go khloe! Beat those bitches what the fuck were they expected? U fuck a girl, s husband and they think everything is fine! Odom should say something


KHLOE: YOU GO GIRL! Give these skanks an extra smack for the rest of us who have been cheated on by scummy men!


Such bull. Ok now 2 women that slept with a married man are afraid? Please!!!! I just dont believe it and if it is true he only wanted some lettuce.. If you get my drift!! Lol he loves khole and these skanks just want some attention.



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