Jennifer Aniston: Frustrated With Pressure to Have a Baby!

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Jennifer Aniston's latest film has not been well-received by critics, as evidenced by early We're The Millers reviews, but that's not the criticism she's concerned with.

She's really sick of all the baby questions and pressure to start a family!

Theroux and Aniston

Perhaps because she plays a stripper posing as a married mother of two, or just because she's Jennifer Aniston, her family plans have become a hot topic.

The beautiful actress has often been asked 24/7 about when she plans to have a baby of her own with Justin Theroux, her fiance since last summer.

Aniston admits she gets frustrated when journalists go there.

Often times, they think they're "trying to relate it to the movie with, 'Oh, if I was to have a child how many kids do I want?' And 'do I want a boy or a girl?'"

"I didn't realize you could place orders! I honestly didn't realize it was like a drive-through, that you could talk to a little electronic voice," she said.

The star said she tries her best to ignore it all, saying "I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing friends, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs."

"I tune that noise out. I mean, I think it's very sweet that people want everything for me," she explained, but says she's "so content and happy" as is.

The 44-year-old certainly acts - and looks it. If you haven't seen the natural beauty that is Jennifer Aniston without makeup, check out the video below:

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Jennifer has gotten to old to have a baby. Her best bet if she does decide to have a baby one of these years is go surrogate. Women like Aniston do not want children it isn't on their agenda. If they get involved in a relationship it is mainly for companionship so the man better be aware if he is looking to have children or even married. That is not what she wants.

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I actually feel I've been unbelievably lucky in love. I don't feel like I'm supposed to be any further along or somewhere that I'm not. I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

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You just have to love your life. I have my health, I have my friends, I have my loved ones. I'm extremely lucky.

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