Jase Robertson, Duck Dynasty Star, Alleges "Facial Profiling" at NYC Hotel

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Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson said yesterday that he was a victim of "facial profiling" at a high-end New York hotel and asked to leave the premises.

Because ... have you seen Jase Robertson?

Jase and the rest of his Louisiana family were in the Big Apple promoting the Duck Dynasty Season 4 premiere, which returned to record ratings Wednesday.

Apparently some of the people at the hotel where they're staying don't get A&E, because Robertson was deemed unseemly by an employee in the lobby.

After some weird looks, "I asked where the bathroom was. He said, 'Right this way, sir.'"

"He was very nice," Jase affably shared on Live With Kelly & Michael.

"He walked me outside, pointed down the road and said, 'Good luck.'"

At least Jase has 12 million reasons (viewers) to help him feel better.


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