Jared Remy, Son of Red Sox Announcer, Accused of Murdering Girlfriend

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Jared Remy, the troubled son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, pleaded not guilty this afternoon to charges that he stabbed his girlfriend to death last night.

Jared, 34, was arrested in Waltham Thursday after police responded to several 911 calls about a disturbance inside the apartment he shared with Jennifer Martel.

When authorities arrived, they found Martel dead on the patio, a victim of multiple stab wounds.

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Prosecutors say Jared assaulted Jennifer throughout the residence, slashing away with a knife neighbors who tried to intervene at various points.

He was arrested at the scene and sources confirm his clothes were stained in Martel's blood at the time.

Remy - who has been accused of assault against five people over the years, and who has had three restraining orders against him - had just been released Wednesday on personal recognizance after being arrested for battery against Martel.

He is being held without bail for this latest alleged crime.

Jerry Remy played second base for Boston and has served as the team's color analyst on the New England Sports Network since 1988. He has battles health problems in recent years and is yet to comment on the latest incident involving his son.

"All of us at NESN and the Red Sox, along with Jerry Remy, are filled with grief for everyone involved, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Jennifer Martel," the network said today in a statement.


I'm from Boston, & I am so saddened by what happened w/Jerry Remy's son. I feel for Jerry Remy. How could this moron of a son do this? His young daughter is only around 4 years old. Also he has ruined his father's career now as a broadcaster. I doubt if Jerry Remy will be back as announcer w/the Boston Red Sox. People in Boston will not blame him, but I'm sure will look at him differently now, with what happened w/his son. Very sad. Stay strong Jerry. Boston fans all love & adore you. Unfortunately your son is another story.......

@ Gina

Seriously, your sympathies lie with Jerry Remy, not with the family of their brutally-murdered daughter or the trauma the little girl experienced! How about the 14 previous counts of assault his son incurred, but was miraculously released on his own recognizance? Guess those Sox tickets, private tousr of Fenway and comped dinners @ Remy's might influence Boston's finest. He enabled his steroid-taking, Neanderthal son to brutalize women for years!! Yeah, poor old Rem Dawg, how is he gonna survive?!


so never ttrust a guy with a Moustache!!


My thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer's family. This is a terrible and utterly sad to happened. Found pics and info about Jennifer Martel here http://fabwags.com/jennifer-ma...

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