Hyon Song-Wol: Was Kim Jong Un Lover Really Executed For Filming Porn?

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Reports are continuing to circulate regarding the alleged execution Hyon Song-wol, the rumored former lover of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Various South Korean media sources have claimed Kim's ex-girlfriend was executed by firing squad for violating pornography laws earlier this month.

The unconfirmed reports claim Hyon Song-wol was executed by firing squad with 11 others after the group allegedly made and sold a sex tape.

A singer in North Korea's famed Unhasu Orchestra, Hyon was slain along with members of the orchestra and the Wangjaesan Light Music Band.

The Chosun Ilbo, South Korea's largest daily newspaper, broke the story.

The report, citing an anonymous source in China, says the group was arrested August 17 for filming and selling a pornographic video starring themselves.

The porn video reportedly found its way across the border to China.

After their arrest, their families were forced to watch the execution, which took place three days later, and were then sent to notorious prison camps.

The stunning claims have not been independently confirmed.

This much is known about Hyon: She was a famous performer whose fame peaked around 2005 with the popular song "Excellent Horse-Like Lady."

She is said to have dated Kim Jong Un in the early 2000's, after the young, would-be Kim Jong Il successor returned from boarding school in Switzerland.

Mysteriously, she disappeared from the public eye around 2006, near the time Kim Jong Il began grooming his youngest son to be Supreme Leader.

For reasons unknown, Kim Jong Il reportedly disapproved of the relationship and ordered Hyon to leave the orchestra to keep her away from his son.

Shortly after the clandestine breakup with Kim Jong Un, Hyon is said to have married an officer in the North Korean military and given birth to his son.

However, after Kim Jong Il's death in late 2011, rumors spread among Pyongyang's military elite that Kim and Hyon Song-wol rekindled their romance.

The Supreme Leader is also married. Kim Jong Un's wife, Ri Sol Ju, reportedly gave birth to the couple's first child earlier this year or late last year.

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