Food Network Star Recap: Making a Pitch

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Food Network star tasked its finalists with making like Justin Verlander this week.

Yes, it was time to throw some serious pitches... to Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson, likely the two most influential people at the Food Network.

So what did these aspiring chefs come up with?

Food Network Guy

There was Stacey's Modern Magic, which involved putting modern twists on classic recipes. There was Pie Style, a dare-based series where Rodney makes any dish into a pie recipe.

There was Guilty Pleasre, which was confusing, yet focusing on infusing entrees or desserts with bacon and/or bourbon… we think. And then there was Eat, Date, Love, a program about how men could woo their women with food and charm.

Read this Food Network Star review now and find out which idea got his or her creator eliminated prior to next week's finale.


Stacey got the boot she deserved. Redoing a "classic" with a modern twist is so overdone. I glad to not have to see her goopy fake grin every time the camera is on. There is a reason we see the behind the scenes and we know how fake she was.
Rodney - who could not even make an edible pie for chicken cacciatore now wants a challenge-based show? Really? Russell's idea of the four food groups are grease, salt, sugar, and cholesterol.
At least Damaris is really cooking something! She brought it all together in time to step it up just right. Her idea is at least fresh and fun - something we need these days.


the show is scripted and fixed like all reality show . create more drama for ratings


I can't believe they kicked out Stacy. Her vintage modern take is relevant, timely, and interesting to home cooks. I don't understand what they kept saying about her being guarded. She came across as very warm. Rodney, on the other hand, I just don't get. "Pie Style" means nothing - in this day and age, who is going to make a home baked pie from scratch? If I want the taste of a grilled cheese sandwich, I'm going to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Not to mention that you can't understand him - he mumbles. I just don't see what they see in him. I'm looking for a food authority, not a personality. Russell I could take or leave. He comes across as arrogant. I hope Damaris wins - southern cooking is the best and at least she comes across as fun-loving.


What is Food Network thinking?! Stacy is the best. Rodney cannot talk, Russell is inconsistent. Guess they are giving the win to Damaris. Stacy had an audience, everyone I know loves her!


Woo their women? This the same group that kicked Paula Deen out? Food Nerwork is struggling as they should be. All this politically correctness is COMPLETLY stupid, let that be food... for thought.

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