Farrah Abraham Sugar Daddy Wish List: Posted on Amazon!

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Want to be Farrah Abraham's Sugar Daddy? Which entails lavishing her with expensive gifts just so she'll pay attention to you and pretend she cares?

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Still

Sounds like an awesome arrangement, we know.

Farrah Abraham and Sydney Leathers are really on to something with this not-quite-prostituting pursuit. So how do you get started wooing her?

Well, there's a nice "Wish List" of things she'd like you to buy for her on Amazon. Good place to start if you're into this sort of thing (and person).

She shared this helpful guide to buying her affections. You can go in on a $20 pair of sequined booty shorts, or go ALL OUT with a $1,500 bookcase.

Who knows what the $1,500 gets you. Talking dirty on the phone? Sexting? A signed, Deluxe Collector's Edition Farrah Abraham Sex Tape?

We can only guess.

Clearly, though, her one-time trashy best friend for life Myla Sinanaj was right about at least one thing. Farrah is unabashed in her pursuit of money.

She may be a liar, claiming to be a millionaire while begging for lingerie, costumes, clothes, monokinis, and gifts for Sophia online, but she goes HARD.

Farrah also picked out a few dresses in the $600 range, which she might even wear for you while swinging on the $700 chandelier you can also buy her.

She tweeted out the link with the message: “I love my #GIFTS Thank you Fans xo.”

There are so many possible responses to this, but two in particular come to mind:

  1. Anyone who buys the girl a gift should reexamine their life immediately.
  2. The bikini seen in the Farrah Abraham sex tape costs $26! Who knew.

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Farrah is a Skank Whore with a deformed body who looks like a Horse. I can't understand why anyone would give her their money to get to know her when they could up to a porn site and talk for free with people who look alot better than her


Lol I remember seeing her on 16 and pregnant, what a ridiculous airhead who is nothing but a spoiled trashy brat. If being intelligent is selling sex for money and getting a horrendous breast implant surgery that looks like small basketballs stuffed under my skin then I'd rather be the stupidest person on the planet. The only person I feel bad for in this situation is her daughter who one day will be beyond embarrassed and humiliated by her "mothers" actions. Also @Michael+Abraham, those are business skills I would never be proud of as a parent but as clearly demonstrated on tv she is dads "precious little princess who can do no wrong" right.....


Sims...if you saying she is not intelligent your wrong...at 22 years old she is performing as a business woman twice her age...and I'd put her up against you comparing her determination and drive....

@ Michael+Abraham

Oh yeah she is performing all right! If she was my daughter I would put my foot up her skanky ass so deep she could taste shoestrings! She is what she is! You could polish her all you want she is still a porn Whore! She should be freaking embarrassed!


Christy your wrong.... Farrah gets gifts all the time from fans ...just like people that post gifts on their facebook page...


Montanamaiden you have not facts she is not fit to be a mother...and yes OUR family does give Sophia the love she needs and wants from her mother and US her family....as to be a whore...are you a virgin..are you married and only slept with your husband...and I guess you Never used a guy or dated a guys to "get something, go some where with out really caring...your a judgmental person with an opinion and no facts and a rumor spreader...

@ Michael+Abraham

Ok, I'm not convinced that this actually IS Farrah's father but let's just pretend you are for the sake of argument. The ONLY reason I can imagine as to why you apparently defend and support your daughter in her deplorable decisions is because Farrah Abraham is spiteful and vindictive to ALL who do NOT support her. Especially family. According to Farrah, Farrah is NEVER wrong. And if you EVER turn against her and say ANYTHING negative with regards to her choices, she WILL, and you know it, take your granddaughter away from you and your ex-wife Debra and threaten you with never seeing her again. She's already tortured her parents with that and I think that the only way to keep Sophia to some degree in your lives is to placate Farrah.
I think you do this more for your ex-wife because Farrah has put her through hell and back with her selfishness, pettiness, vindictiveness, childishness, and all around UNGRATEFUL behavior.
I'm not sure what I would do in your shoes but it would NOT be supporting my daughter in her choice to become involved in legalized prostitution.
Yes, legalized prostitution. She got paid for sex. There is no other term that describes this. Your daughter IS a prostitute. Accept it.

@ Michael+Abraham

Michael Abraham...you are a sorry excuse for a father. GTFO of here coming on a website trying to defend your WHORE of a daughter. I feel sorry for your grandaughter. If Farrah had so much $ she wouldn't be begging for gifts on Amazon. SHAMEFUL!


well no items have been purchased. what does that tell you.

@ cristy

Actually, they have but I'm convinced that she bought them for the illusion of having fans that buy her stuff.


Whore!!!!!! She is not fit to be even referred to as a mother. Please someone take her kid and put her with someone who will give her the love she needs!

@ Montanamaiden1321

You should be ashamed! Telling the truth like that when these simple minded COMPLETLY in denial people can't take it! Seriously- what would your Mother think!


I would give her a penny for her thoughts and would still get change back.


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