Farrah Abraham on Dancing With the Stars? Shark Jumping Material, Randy Houska Says!

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Farrah Abraham cast on Dancing With the Stars? It could happen.

Chelsea Houska's dad Randy calls the rumor laughable, though.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 know Randy does not mince words. That includes when discussing other Teen Moms, such as Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

His latest passive-aggressive comments were issued regarding the buzz that the Teen Mom/porn star may soon join Dancing With the Stars:

"Dancing with the Stars seems to be #JumpingTheShark."

He then fired off this "clarifying" tweet: "When the show is getting so bad it uses desperate measures like Fonzie jumping the shark on Happy Days."

Good to know, Randy. Thank you for clarifying that statement.

While this COULD have been a general comment - and certainly applies to another rumored cast member, Tan Mom - there's no way it wasn't about Farrah.

It hasn't been announced who the DWTS contestants are this fall officially, but Farrah Abraham is rumored to be in talks, and then Houska commented.

Clearly Randy is watching the coverage ... and not the show.


I am not sure how she really represents a "star", unless reality and porn participants fit into a category that Dancing with the Stars would like to showcase. If they put this girl on Dancing, then they should invite Bree Olsen (ex-Goddess of Charlie Sheen) as she is twice as pretty and at least is a bonafide porn star with 257 XXX films. Or Kayden Kross, who is most likely the most beautiful woman in porn today. At least give the audience someone worthy to view, if Dancing is going down this road. I'd watch.
But not with this skank Farrah on the show.


jules your the fool! She is not a porn star..even though that tape is the highest earning video of that type!.....get your facts strait!


They should change the name of the show to Dancing With The Porn Stars & Fools


well, what do you have got to lose? PRIDE MAYBE?

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