Faith Hill Divorce: Singer to Split From Tim McGraw?

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will see your $75 million divorce...

... and raise you $60 million!

According to the latest National Enquirer cover story, the beloved country music stars are on the outs, their marriage having hit "rock bottom amid furious clashes and suspected infidelities.”

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Divorce Story

McGraw apparently believes he's being "treated like a dog" by his famous wife, while the same tabloid has claimed before that Hill is concerned over McGraw's "sexual chemistry" with Taylor Swift.

It has also alleged that Tim has been hiding a secret son from Faith.

The report doesn't claim any meetings have been set with divorce attorneys, nor is there any specific evidence of cheating... just an allegation by the magazine.

The Enquirer claims it has “uncovered the sensational details of the conflict that’s left the superstar couple’s marriage and their $135 million empire hanging by a thread.”

Will that thread unravel? Will the duo's 16-year union come to an end?

Will anyone actually believe this sordid tale, considering the source?

Only one thing is for certain, based on an anonymous insider's quote:

"Faith thinks she has Tim under her thumb, but she may be in for a big surprise!”

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Is it Taylor Swift's fault?


Is it Taylor Swift's fault?


Give me a break i pitty anybody who takes that "magazine" seriously


The National Enquirer is a gossip starter! Never has accurate information - I will NOT believe it until I see it in a proper news report.


Total BS... When has anyone ever gotten anything even remotely true from the National Enquirer? I call their bluff.


135 mill-75mill=60 mill, not 50.


So.... Nothing is sacred at this point! Thing is... Faith is 9 kinds of fine- no doubt about it! She has always been that way but then comes along a younger version of that same Faith Hill and screwing up is on the horizon! Younger women by nature can't hold a candle to the refined, purified, flawless older woman and anyone that's been paying attention knows what I'm talking. Still- Snow White has her hooks in just about anything she wants! It would take Dr Joyce Brothers couch to get to the root but in the meantime this girl has it and she knows she has it and the line stretches around the block!

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