Dr. Phil Asks if it's Cool to Have Sex With Drunk Girls, Twitter Goes Ballistic

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Dr. Phil incurred the wrath of Twitter when he decided to followers on the question of whether it's okay to have sex with a girl who has had too much to drink.

We're not paraphrasing. This is what he wrote:

Dr. P Tweet

Phil, to be fair, often questions Twitter followers about themes for upcoming shows, and was just following that familiar pattern with this effort.

Still, what many felt was the uncalled-for nature of this Tweet, which was quickly deleted, spurred backlash and led to a Change (dot) org petition.

Carmen Rios, a former college sexual assault activist, encouraged supporters to call on Phil to host a show to educate his viewers on assault prevention:

"Even though he took the tweet down, Dr. Phil should of course admit his error in judgment. But he needs to go a step further."

"I am asking Dr. Phil to produce a show that shines a light on survivors of rape and sexual assault and begin a national conversation about the specifics of consent."

"This includes not raping people while they are drunk or otherwise unable to consent."

"The many people who have survived rape are the ones who should have a platform to discuss how we as a society can make sure tragedies like Steubenville never happen again.

You tell us, THGers: Do you think Dr. Phil went too far?


Just retire already dr phil your old..


If Dr Phil had tweeted an algebra question instead of sex, he would of had few if any replys. Everyone has an opinion on 'simple' things.


Things modern day white women like: Kardashians,negros,spics,sex and the city,homos,gay marriage,abortion,dildos,porn,valtrex,male bashing feminst blogs etc In general everything that is a detriment to a decent society.White chicks have alot to answer for..


Geez, those that didn't see it was not only JUST a question, and a pertinent one at that in that anyone reading the responses would have learned that it's considered wrong obviously can't read and/or can't comprehend what they read very well. He just asked for a "Yes" or "No". So just shaddup and give it to him.


Damn, it's just a question!


Women these days live in a perpetual victimhood.They sit around waiting for something to offend them no matter how innoculous it is.Oh hes promoting RAPE! Stupid modern day feminists-from-hell go aet a hair pie cause no dude would date your azzez.

@ truth is

I wish I could tell you how wrong you are, but you probably wouldn't understand it anyway, even if I put it in Third Grade English.

@ Frogmore

Looks like i hit a nerve with a femitard.Lemme guess you spend most of your day at Huff Po don't you? Reading all of the blogs there that eviscerate men? Yeah stupid white liberal women re the biggest pile of dung on the planet.You types have completely destroyed this country w/ you favorite nghr Obama to the point that it is nearly unrecognizable.Go to hell


And if the answer is no, than it's not okay to have sex with a GUY who has had too much to drink either! Anyway to ask a question and spark the debate over it, that's just fine. I don't understand what the big deal is. It's not as if he did it and then asked if it was okay... He was just asking a question and getting people talking about it. He shouldn't have deleted the tweet. It was fine to talk about. If we can't even talk about these things... That just seems unreal people would be that upset to even discuss it.

@ Meowing+Grrl

You ever try to get a drunk guy's penis working? It isn't worth the energy.


he simply asked a pertinent question - this is STUPID!!!!!! Please remember this is only a question for a larger issue!!!!


Wow, this society has gotten way too sensitive. The man just simply asked a question. I doubt very many of us are innocent of using alcohol to lower a woman's inhibitions. If I share a bottle of wine with my wife with the intent of having her relax from a stressful week and then further relax by having a huge orgasism, I don't think that is rape. But by some of these comments, I should be in jail.


He asked a question people. This is stupid. Especially when if the roles were different, it wouldn't even be a story. For example: What if Jerry Springer asked this? Nobody would care. Steve Wilco? Same. But a talk show host that doesn't specialize in hard core shock media (with fights and everything!) does it and the kids go crazy. lol SMH

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