Dog the Bounty Hunter: Going After Edward Snowden?!

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Dog the Bounty Hunter, or Duane Chapman, is reportedly going after Edward Snowden ... even if that means illegally trying to capture him in Russia.

“Sometimes you gotta bend the rules to save America," Dog is quoted as saying.

"And if I can catch this traitor Snowden and bring him back to God’s side, then it will be well worth the risk of a lifetime of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.”

Sure thing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Promo Pic
Snowden Photo

Dog is apparently not alone in his dogged pursuit.

Reports say several bounty hunters are willing to risk their freedom to capture and return the "fugitive" NSA whistleblower, who sought asylum in Russia.

None more high profile than Chapman, however.

According to reports, he stated, "Every Dog has it’s day, but Snowden, your days are numbered. Me and Beth are gonna catch you and bring ya to justice."

"We're gonna do it the American way. If you’re listening right now slick Eddy, the Dog’s comin’ for ya. You can run, but you can’t hide."

"The Dog has picked up your trail.”

Dog and his wife Beth Chapman are said to be headed to Hong Kong first in an effort to sniff out possible clues in Snowden’s old hotel room there.

This story may or may not be fake, as its sources are questionable and it has already sparked several denials ... but even so, it's a hilarious concept.


ok all you scumbags who hate who does not like Dog and Beth need to shut the fuck up i really if you do not nice to say about those people then you need to get a fucking life you jerks who does not like Dog and Beth then u got a problem


She better go by ship there isn't a plane big enough for those MELONS


Mr. Chapman I wish you all the best and Godspeed that you catch him and return Snowden the trrator to the USA. Sincerely tTom

@ Tom Cavendish

I hope Snowden gets off scot free. He did the American people justice by exposing our government's corruption.


If you want real news, check out the NEW EPISODE of DOG and BETH: On the Hunt this SAT 9/8c on CMT. Waiting to see debut of Leland's son on the show!!!


This story is about as real as Justin Bieber died (for the 12 time) The Hollywood Gossip - I guess you are just gossip and rumors and you're credibility has tanked. I suggest checking out Dog or Beth on twitter or Facebook first before writing such silliness or any other celebrities for that matter. Beth tweeted long ago story was a fake.


To those who think you can slander or defame on the net, you are sadly mistaken.


Easy to see one person is doing all the name calling. I traced your IP and sent the information to a Los Angeles Law Firm. Expect to hear from them


This entirw article is completely false. The Chapman's have already stated and tweeted that they are NOT going after him, NOT going to Russia and they are NOT interested in the case whatsoever. I guess you will publish anything to pass your day huh? -- FLASE REPORT!!!


Why would you post this fake article? You're just stirring the pot now. It's pathetic.


This is a bogus article. They have absolutely no intention of going after Snowden. These quotes are fake as well I can assure you. Fake, Fake, Fake.

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