Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried: Will it Last?

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Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried got engaged on last night's Bachelorette season finale, to the surprise of nearly every fan of the ABC reality hit.

Regardless of whether you read Bachelorette spoilers or not, it was hard to see Desiree bouncing back from her breakup with Brooks Forester. At all.

But she did, and said that her feelings for Brooks blinded her to the fact that Mr. Right was right in front of her all this time. And he is Chris Siegfried.

Brooks left Des so shell-shocked that a proposal from Chris or Drew Kenney seemed extremely unlikely. If anything, many predicted a Brooks return.

Didn't happen.

Drew was sent home rather abruptly, but Des felt something different with Chris, and gradually she came around to the idea of marrying him, too.

Will it happen? Can a man seen by many as her second choice truly become her first - for life? Share your predictions in the comments and vote below:

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried: Will it last?


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I'm glad that Des chose Chris in the end. He was not over the top gushing with love like Drew, although Drew is a nice guy.
As for Brooks, never liked him, not sure if he knows which way he sways, if you get my drft! Only hope that Chris doesn't realize he was second best or thinks he was on the rebound, which it does look like that. I wish them lots of luck and happiness. Des, you dodged a bullet with Brooks....yuck!


I feel he is the one for her and was from the very beginning. If you you watched closely they had a special bond all the time. They enjoyed each others company every time they were together. He had my vote from the 1st time I saw them together.


I think Juan Pablo is very nice looking and sincere. He will be great. Brooks and Drew are not gay and it's rude to make false statements. Des is with a good man, much more suited for her than Brooks. I say "best wishes to all of them!".


I agree regard Pablo he is homely but perhaps his personality will grow on me, to see. Chris is a really good guy, hope she doesn't blow it. I'm glad Zak wasn't picked, he is really homely and Drew is the one I think to be Gay. Brookes I never liked him but last night he looked really handsome with his new hairdo . I would have liked Michael to have been picked, I developed a crush on him. I'll be watching I always do.


First of all I am thrilled that Desiree DID NOT pick this gay guy Brooks. Thank-God he didn't come back. He probably went home to his boyfriend. He was all wrong for her. As for Chris, I think he's handsome, kind, caring, loves Des for who she really is, & I believe it will last. My only concern is that she's messed up, first saying she loved the guy Brooks, now loves Chris...I mean, seriously, how many men can you fall in love with. Anyhow, I wish her well. If she ended up w/Brooks, I would have stopped watching the show all together. As for Juan Pablo being the next bachelor. BIG HUGE MISTAKE...First of all I think he's homily, second, he can't speak English, he has a kid, & I don't get why all America voted for this guy. I for one, won't watch his season. They should have chosen Zak or even Drew for that matter. These shows are getting worse every year. And EVERYTHING IS FOR THE RATINGS>>>>AND IF PEOPLE CAN'T SEE THAT< THEN WAKE THE HELL UP>>>>>OPEN YOUR EYES>>>>NUF SAID>>>>>>>

@ Gina

I too think Pablo also Zak (he was really not the one) and Micheal was cute but I'm afraid he had a temper. It flared a few times. I don't think Des treated Jas right. She has NO taste for men. She overdid the kissing bit. I didn't ever think Brooks would come back.I still think he had a boyfriend

@ Gina

I couldn't have said it any better Gina.