Denzel Washington Guarantees Results... In Almost Every Movie He's In

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Feeling down this morning? Need a little reassurance that things are going to be all right?

Well Denzel Washington is here to guarantee, well, everything. The team will win, peace of mind, the truth will be found... Denzel guarantees all.

See now don't you feel better? More sure about life? Ready to tackle whatever the day brings?

Thanks to YouTuber OfficialComedy for reminding us that Denzel Washington has got our backs.


One reason he is successful is because he acts and keeps his opinions to himself. Hard to understand why any musician/ actor feels its necessary for them to PUSH their political agenda on the public. Of course timing is everything! They only do it AFTER they become rich & famous. stupid they are because conservatives are the ones paying at the box office and that is why so many haven't made a big film in years- Sean Penn, Sam Jackass Jackson etc

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