Demi Lovato to Recur on Glee, Sing with Adam Lambert

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Here is some fun news to distract fans from that rumored Demi Lovato nude scandal:

The singer/actress is nearing a deal to appear on multiple episode of Glee Season 5, with TV Line reporting she will play a struggling artist who is based in New York and who interacts often with Rachel and Santana.

She'll also share numerous (musical!) scenes with Adam Lambert, who is also set to recur in an unknown role.

Demi Smiling

Look for Lovato to debut on October 3rd and for Fox to cross-promote the heck out of her as an X Factor judge and a major Glee guest star.

The role will mark Demi's first major acting gig since the Disney Channel canceled Sonny with a Chance two years ago. She has also appeared in episodes of Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy.

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I think any duets between Demi, Lea or Chris Colfer would be spectacular. His character could be bent out of shape because of Adam monopolizing personal time and professional advantages with the girls that leave him out in the cold and not included, creating a jealous rivalry! It's fun to imagine what the writers will come up with.


I'd like to see Adam in a romantic triangle with Demi and Lea. Remember the Detail Shoot? Adam can play drama, comedy or a romantic lead. He really is capable of doing it all. Look at Neil Patrick Harris. I like to see Adam step out of the box because he's do diverse and talented. I choose to ignore the immature potty mouth. funbunn40


Not sure how I feel about this addition of Demi. I was hoping for duets with Lea so this will take time getting used to now.


I Love you adam you'r the best
"You should be proud of yourself,and You should own who you are and never make apologies for it"
-Adam Lambert-
I don't care if you are gay or not
I'll love and respect you 4ever


ladies have nothing to fear from die hard F*ggots like lambert.

@ abe

To Abe--but we have a lot to fear from uneducated and homophobic people like you in the US. This is why hate crimes still exist.

@ abe

To abe..... what is wrong with you? Really tired of idiots who only see "gay" instead of the person. Adam is a singer. That's what he will be doing on the show. His sexual orientation is not and should not be an issue. Grow up for crying out loud.

@ Jacki

I feel sorry for you little boy or girl. You have a lot of growing up to do. Adam doesn't need your approval he has millions of fans around the globe.

@ Jacki

Sorry @Jacki ... my reply was only meant for @abe ... not you!!

@ Jacki

@abe ... WHAT!! Are you still using those nasty derogatory orientation slurs?? How old are you ... 10?? That word is no longer acceptable ... NOT if you are an ADULT!! Grow up little boy!!