Demi Lovato Nude Photos: Negotiations Ongoing, Authenticity Disputed

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The long-rumored Demi Lovato nude photos have hit the web, but their authenticity is still in dispute, despite being run by one celebrity gossip site.

Negotiations for the racy pics are apparently ongoing, according to Celebslam, which published a teaser for the supposed pictures of The X Factor judge.

The website continues to haggle with the seller, who claims to have 20 Demi Lovato nude photos. Or, as the seller likes to call them, "nude / sexual photos."

Allegedly, the pics originated from a woman, seen in the middle row of photographs (NSFW, below), who had a fling with Demi "for some time on and off."

As this implies, the seller states that Lovato is bisexual.

Moreover, the woman claims that once Demi started dating Wilmer Valderrama (the first time), she ended the fling because "she didn't like being played."

At that point, the supposedly scorned woman sent the pictures to a friend, who has been shopping them online, which was first reported earlier this month.

As for authenticity, the purported "preview" collage looks ... well, it's hard to tell. Confirmed? Not quite. But it certainly can't be written off as fake.

The seller claims that Lovato can easily be identified by her tattoos, but has yet to release the full batch of uncensored pics until the (high) price is met.

What do you think? Is it Demi? Can she cope with the stress of the scandal? And will it hurt her image at all as she prepares for Season 3 of The X Factor?

Demi Lovato Nude Pics?

Sorry but this news is about as fake and credible as the dumb bitch giving out these "pics"


Lol. This is old news son. Radar already said they look nothing like her. Whoever wrote this is an idiot.


Also no site has confirmed them as real. Celebslam said they were proported like any other site. Get your facts straight junior.


I think if this person is gonna tell me that these pics are demi, then they should get a girl that actually looks like demi lovato. Mediocre forgery at best.

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