Chris Lane, College Baseball Player, Murdered "For Fun" By Oklahoma Teens

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Christopher Lane, a baseball player for East Central University in Oklahoma, was murdered last Friday in a completely random act by three area teens.

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    I love how the parents of these three juvenille delinquents all say "my kid would never murder anyone" even as the one kid has confessed and their car was captured on video. Amazing how, in the black community, people can be so blind to the obvious. Black culture needs to change otherwise the USA will continue to look like an out of control nation.


    Those 3 kids need to get the electric chair. No family should have to endure what Chris Lane's family is going through. Those kids all had juvenile records. They will never change.


    By the way they are BLACK teens so i guess this is ok right? Where is the outrage the ghetto kid Trayvon got

    @ tatum

    of course they are. you think a white kid would kill another white kid just for the thrill of killing? just wouldn't happen - ever.


    just waiting for rev al to say these minority killers are being racially profiled.


    @this is a joke n@ken stop being racist n don't try to pin dis incident on d blacks...thg didn't specify d skin color n mind u it could be whites...wat dey did was wrong bt there aint to reason for u to put dis shit on blacks...whites do a lot of crazy stuffs mind wat name do u gv dem? Remember d batman incident were a White guy killed cinemas goers? address d issue n stop being fucking racist


    are you serious??
    remind me again why these stupid idiots should have any rights again? I don't think Martin Luther king jr. and all these other people fighting for black rights, put their lives in danger by trying to make a difference so these animals could behave like this. so that they can go and murder and act like freaking primative Neanderthals and act "ratchet" with their twerking and ghettoness. then they play the victim card when someone tries to call out their actions and they cry saying were being racists. don't give them like in jail why spare them when they didn't spare a young man who was actually going to school and making something of himself. give them the death penalty. they killed him for fun?? are you kidding me!? get rid of these pieces of trash wasting up space.

    @ thisisajoke

    I agree


    Grammar and spell check , "now he is dad" . ? I think you meant now he is dead.

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