Chris Brown and Rihanna: Will They Ever Get Back Together?

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Chris Brown and Rihanna are clearly infatuated with one another, but also seem to be toxic when they're actually together. It's a vicious cycle.

Clearly, emotion isn’t enough to keep them together. In fact, it may be the reason why these on-off lovers cannot seem to make a romance work.


“They went through a lifetime together and they’re only in their 20s,” a source close to the pair says. “They’ve had lots of ups and then a HUGE down."

"Sometimes Chris can’t even look at her because it reminds him of the $h!t he did years ago. Even though she forgave him, the world hasn’t."

"That’s the $h!t that’s f*%ked up. It still distracts him from his music and his life. It’s always in his face and it’s something he just can’t shake.”

Both Chris Brown and Rihanna faced the adversity and criticism head on this year when they publicly reconciled ... only to split after just a few months.

It's unclear if a specific catalyst led to the breakup - trust issues are rumored, and she's posted more than a few cryptic messages - or if it just can't work.

“You know, they tried it once and it was great,” the source says.

“They tried it again and it didn’t work. He loves her, but he knows they just can’t work. They can only exist as friends. The relationship $h!t just can’t happen."

"They can’t handle that. It’s too much.”

Yesterday, Chris sent out a very emotional tweet to express his feelings, hinting at his retirement from music and lamenting the reason for his "fame."

“Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when i was 18. I’m cool & over it!” he tweeted.

We feel for Chris, honestly, because we have no doubt that he truly does love Rihanna, deeply regrets his actions and is haunted by them every day.

However, he's got to live with and rise above it, plain and simple, and that means not giving the "haters" ammunition or being surprised by the criticism.

It's a vicious cycle of its own, and in some ways it's not fair. But he can't expect people to move on if he's fixated on the event or people's perception of him.

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It's difficult to understand what Rihanna sees in these ugly dirty looking black must be their big d...s...but Chris hasn't even got that...


Chris luv her dat should stay with each other


Yes Chris n Rihanna will get back 2gether again.


Everyone have made 1,000 of mistakes and will make 1000 more in their life time. The people that will not forgive him are the ones who have made the same mistake he did. They will never own up to it or do it just remind them of what they did and still doing it. Chris talent was given to him by God and only God can tell him when it is time to stop, not the HATERS. Chris if you stop singing that mean you let them win and predict your future. They will have control of your life not you. Love yourself and Rihanna because the two of you belong together not the HATERS. 50 cents have made the same mistake will he have to pay for it like Chris is. Chris keep doing what you are good at. Hold your head up and love yourself God is always with you. Take it for an older woman.


Who really cares if X is going to be his last album, when one door closes another opens for someone else. The world is full of talented artist he won't be missed. He'll still be part of the music industry probably producing music videos and writing music for other artists so this "poor me" announcement won't be the last we will see or hear of him. He has to accept the fact that he will always be famous & continuously punished for his assault on Rihanna, that's just how it is. It's quite obvious he's desperate to convince people of the world he's a changed man especially as the drop of his album X is nearing. With Chris he is always looking for excuses for all the things he phucks up on, particularly in regards to his relationship with Rihanna. He claimed he ended their relationship because she was too needy & he was too young, but now hes claiming it's because he is always reminded of what he did to her he is unable to look her in the eyes. What a crock of shit. He used Rihanna hoping it would give his career the boost it desperately needed and it did until he dumped her while she was on tour and rekindled his relationship with Kae Tran immediately after. His actions had the opposite affect. The public saw him as a deceptive, self centered liar. Months prior he was openly speaking about his love for Rihanna, his & Kae's business only friendship & Chris Brown as a changed man. Well, it all turned out to be all lies. There was no truth to it at all and it was revealed to the world just before Chris turned 24. He knows he phucked up, now he don't know what to do!! That's what happens when you abuse one too many times the most powerful female artist of all time. Live with that fact!

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