Casper Smart: Jennifer Lopez Returning to American Idol! Wait ... Oops

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Casper Smart is not living up to his surname, but we thank him.

After months of speculation about whether Jennifer Lopez would really be returning as a judge on American Idol, her boy toy let the cat out of the bag.

Casper Smart, J. Lo

Casper was asked by E! News, during a chat about his new show A Step Away for nuvoTV, whether Lopez will be back on the panel for Season 13.

Smart's response? "Yes."

Apparently Smart thought that Fox had already announced this. No Casper, that was all you man. You may be in the doghouse, but much appreciated!

The network did confirm earlier that it was wooing her, so it's not exactly a huge surprise. They will offer her A LOT of money and flexible hours ... win-win.

"Returning to American Idol makes sense for Jennifer this season," a source says. "as the show's schedule will allow her to focus on new film and TV projects."

"And, of course, her twins are starting school this year."

An insider close to the discussions says that the deal is not closed yet, as Fox has not released a statement ... but it looks like it's in the cards.

Assuming Casper Smart is not wrong, J. Lo will join returning judge Keith Urban, who delighted audiences in Season 12 as a fun-loving yet fair mentor.

We await the official confirmation, as well as any news on who will join the pair; Ryan Seacrest has said the new panel will be unveiled "very soon."

Are you excited for Lopez's return to Idol?


Hope Adam Lambert joins them -- and I think Jennifer Hudson would be good too. They need someone whose been on the other side of that judging table too.


And the ratings continue to fall. Sad.........


I love surprises like this.


............the sanitary towels were out, folks?


This guy must really rock her world -- 'cause he's below average looking and obviously not very bright! Then again, most of the men in her life have been mediocre at best. Returning to AI is the smart and only move for her career.

@ Robocop

Most men except Marc Anthony, he is very talented, intelligent, charismatic and very sexy. Marc is a superstar, I never figured out why he married her, he can do better.


That's what she gets for dating a boy.


That's what she gets for dating a boy.


Guess they coughed up the millions I'm sure she demanded. Keeping your twenty year old Abzug can get she's producing his new show and paying his salary. This is one smart Smart.

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