Brooke Shields Labels Miley Cyrus VMA Performance "Desperate, Uncomfortable"

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Count Brooke Shields among those who were shocked and appalled by Miley Cyrus' VMA performance last night.

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    This was porn. No doubt about that. I strongly feel if that had of been Miley sitting with her parents (at ages 3-18) at any type of Award dinner, Oscars, etc., they would have felt very disrespected and embarrassed for their own children. They may not admit, because she's Miley Cyress? But, they would not be happy with a performance such as this! I had to turn the channel.,I would not and could not allow my grandchildren, or my own children or any child for that matter. Another thing, she couldn't have any confidence or self-esteem to even allow herself to get up there and perform like that. Especially involve herself to act like that w children involved! She needs to grow up and realize she made a fool out of herself let alone anyone officiated w this! Personally? I was thoroughly disgusted with the performance. Embarrassing may I add. It's know wonder our children are growing up too fast and with no regard for other people. Nonetheless, a conscious, empathy, lack of respect, etc. from the hundreds of people I converted over this? We're pretty much in the same page!


    this is what people conclude nowaday's.


    Pure trash.


    She's a disgrace. All that success and money being the girl next door and now her ambition is to look like a porn star. The reality is- this is the way society sees young white women. They jeopardize their future and for what? She has backed herself in a corner and she can never go back. I know, Billy Ray knows it, her long time guidance artists like Dolly Parton knows it. She would have already been used & abused but people at this time are in disbelief as to what they are witnessing.


    Was Liam there or does he date a nice girl now?

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