Billy Ray Cyrus Reacts to Miley Gate: "She's Still My Little Girl"

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Billy Ray Cyrus does not believe Miley Cyrus is espousing date rape.

Nor would he label her a pitchy stripper.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, two days after Miley shocked the world with a raunchy VMA performance, the country star said he'll "always be here" for his daughter and added:

"She's still my little girl and I'm still her dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never change."

Miley Cyrus and Her Tongue
Billy Ray Cyrus Book Tour

Kind, expected words from a father.

But Billy Ray isn't the only celebrity taking Miley's side. Watch the following video to learn why Pete Wentz has Cyrus' back as well.


What is the deal with her tongue? Does she thinks it's sexy to stick out her dick sucker?


You look like an alien, and that tougne, whoa it needs cut back about an inch.


Billy Ray, lets call a spade a spade, your daughter acted like a huge slut. If this is a southern custom, it's not saying too much for the south. If my daughter acted on stage like Miley did, I would have put her through a wall, and I'm not a child beater. I said it once and I will say it forever, it was disgusting. Being such a super star with the young children, and then showing them this is what you do when you grow up, is a disgrace.


Now see---THAT'S a FATHER...THAT---is FAMILY...I would have expected Nothing Less from Billy-Ray...And, when he says things like this article---my admiration for him goes right through the roof...
Excuse me while I give a 'shout-out' to my root's: This is more a Southern Thing...We're BIG on kith and kin...Family is more than just a word down here(especially in Tennessee,LOL!) And, This is drilled into us from the time we're able to understand/comprehend the sweet southern-drawled English,hear? Those of us who are worth-their-salt anyway...
However,this doesn't mean that we always Agree with family/kin...It just means we stand-by'em---no-matter what...
Billy-Ray---MUCH RESPECT,SIR...#ExcellentFather
Later all; Hollywood---out.

@ 2wild42long

clearly she was sexually abused as a child by her hillbilly daddy. A real man and a real father would have things to say and had he been her real WWEEEEEHAW daddy this would never have happend. I say sex going on and the other stripper pole in the family is the family tree. weeedogie


You know, maybe the celebrities that are backing Miley up, might want her to fail or they're backing her up, because Billy Ray is on the VMA Board...


@Billy Ray Cyrus:
Try and talk to Miley about her drug problems....


If Miley's dad decided that she's his little girl, then he should've sat her down like stern Dad and tell her to grow up and act like a lady...It seems to me, that something was going on while she was a little girl...
Miley was acting a little Black girl and it's trash...
One thing for certain, Billy Ray Cyrus wants her to make a lot of money to make him happy, because, he has to pay child support and give his ex-wife a big alimony....Taking an advantage of his little girl like that is a sin...Glad I had a great dad who talked to me everyday and how I should dress and act like a lady....That is Billy should be doing...

@ LemonKnots

billy likely diddled her as a child, she looks like a kiddy playing hooker. pre pubescent sex offender wet dream. no real father with any balls would allow his child to behave this way. especially one in the public light. shame on this inbred white trash family that our children have to be exposed to.


I am so sick of her hanging her tongue out like a dog, it is not a good look.

@ Nancy

I agree with you 100% about that nasty tongue of hers...Liam should get rid of her, because, it could very well ruin his career....


Betcha any money Liam breaks up with her before too long from embarassment and humiliation.


Billy Ray & I both know better. Saying and believing is 2 different things. She is just like most teens or "post" teens meaning the parents are at the mercy of their next move. 15-21 you just hope they come out alive and after the mess has been made they can spend millions on claiming it was Bi-Polar, the Swine Flu, Chicken Pox or some other bullshit story. Billy Ray has to go home to Tennessee and lock himself inside. Don't bullshit a Bullshitter, Billy!

@ Sims

amen brother amen.

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