Beyonce Haircut: Extreme! Short! Blonde!

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Beyonce has pulled a Miley Cyrus.

No, she hasn't gotten engaged to Liam Hemsworth... or starting to openly embrace pot... and we are yet to see her Twerk.

But the mother of Blue Ivy has undergone a radical transformation, posting to Instagram multiple shots of her new, short, blonde haircut.

Beyonce Hair
Beyonce Short Hair

The singer didn't include any captions with these photos, so it's up to you to provide them for her.

What do you think of Beyonce's major new hairstyle and appearance?


A few like to hate on black women, thank u for your hatred and god bless u.


Dont diss her, its her life, if she wants to cut her hair let her cut it. I like it.


Hmmmm... Beautiful features ( she is stunning even without make up) but it doesn't look classy: gives her a Cheap look besides blonde it us not her color :(
Put a wig soon !!


Beyoncé has had long hair for years but because the entertainment world likes to pluck and prod at artists' hair, she does wear weave but only to protect her hair from all that it goes through so yes she cut her hair. And it pisses me off that people are so misconstrued about black women's hair (partial thanks to Chris Rock for the 'Good Hair' movie) and think all black women are bald headed.


Well I'm white and all of you are stupid as shit. Beyaaawwwwwwwwnce is not a fart! Can't sing for shit! Now- put that in your weave and comb it!


What most don't realize is that the long hair that Beyonce was sporting was a weave.... So technically it's not a haircut but she just took out her weave... :P


Beyonce cut her hair off!!!!? Don`t you mean......Beyonce took her wig off.

@ Brenda

Beyonce was never bald headed ok she has had hair since she was a child so shut your fucking mouth you stupid hatin ass bitch

@ Cvs

Sorry CVS I'm going to agree with Brenda... She just took her wig off she didn't have amazing long hair... I'm not being racist either... i'm black and used to wear weaves and if you believe that the hair that she rocked was real then you have been deceived!

@ Brizzy

Quit apologizing. To bad even if you are racist and yes you and your black ass can be racist.

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