Andrea Sneiderman Sentenced to Five Years in Prison For Perjury, Making False Statements

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Andrea Sneiderman was led out of a DeKalb County (Ga.) Superior Court in handcuffs after being sentenced to five years in prison this week.

Her husband, Rusty Sneiderman, was gunned down and killed in the parking lot of a day care facility in 2010 after taking his son to class there.

A jury found Sneiderman guilty Monday of nine of 13 felony counts, including perjury and making false statements to police during their investigation.

Lawyers for Sneiderman talked Tuesday of seeking an appeal of the verdict and getting her before the parole board in as little as two months.

“We believe we have multiple grounds for appeal,” said Doug Chalmers of his client's prospects. “This is a fight Andrea Sneiderman is going to win.”

Prosecutors alleged that Andrea Sneiderman had had an affair with her former boss at GE Energy, Hemy Neuman, who was convicted of fatally shooting Rusty Sneiderman.

Andrea Sneiderman did not testify, but her testimony during Neuman’s trial played a role in her conviction. She testified in Neuman’s trial against the advice of many.

“I was shocked when the prosecution began attacking me,” she said. “I fought back, and I tried to defend myself. I’m embarrassed when I watch the tape of my testimony.”

Sneiderman and her supporters had asked the judge for leniency after the prosecution sought a prison sentence of 20 years. It was not to be.

She got five years on each count, which are set to run concurrently.

“No one’s ever gone to prison for perjury,” said J. Tom Morgan, one of Sneiderman’s attorneys. “It is even lower than the lowest level on the grid.”

Sneiderman showed no emotion as she was being led out after a morning of testimony by her and others. She said her only regret was allowing Neuman into her life.

“I never thought Mr. Neuman was capable of murder,” she lamented.

“The line of appropriate conduct was blurred,” she acknowledged, while insisting there was never any sexual contact between the two.

“I thought I could handle him. I thought he was a man just being a man.”

The brother of Rusty Sneiderman said his sister-in-law deserves it.

“She thinks she’s special, but she’s not,” Steve Sneiderman said. “She’s a common criminal. She lied to her family. She lied to her friends. She lied to Rusty.”

“Without her lies and betrayal to her death, Rusty would still be here with his children,” he said. “A very special man is gone because of her actions.”

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