Amanda Bynes' Schizophrenia Stabilizing Thanks to Drug Cocktail: Report

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Amanda Bynes is doing much, much better in the hospital this week, reports indicate, with her apparent schizophrenia now much closer to stabilized.

Doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she remains under a 5150 hold have given her a combination of medications, or cocktail, to help her symptoms.

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The actress responded "quickly and dramatically," insiders say, and no longer talks to herself or insults people - two hallmarks of her last few months.

She's shown no inclination toward violence and has even been polite, saying "please" and "thank you" to staff members as she works to get better.

Does this mean Amanda Bynes' mental illness is under control?

It's far from clear, especially since finding the right dosages of the various medicines that comprise the "cocktail" is a notoriously challenging endeavor.

Experts say it may take 7-10 days to fully assess the results.

From a legal standpoint, she is scheduled to have a court hearing today in an attempt to get out of the psychiatric hospital where she's been since July 23.

The fact that she's doing better can actually help her case, however it is also seen as unlikely that a judge will let her out yet. The reason is twofold:

  1. It's not clear if the cocktail will work over the long run.
  2. It's even less clear if she wouldvoluntarily take it.

Also, Bynes' parents will reportedly NOT back off their attempt to seek a conservatorship even if she's improving, believing she needs long-term supervision.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE, 8/2: Despite showing progress, Bynes still does not admit she has a mental illness and was denied release from the hospital at a hearing.


Glad to hear so
Etching positive for a change. Just have to wonder about patient confidentially?


I think she needs help, but the girl screams to get away from her parents. Some one should help her maybe just not them.

@ bere

Please be careful about judging parents who have been dealing with schziophrenia in their child for years. Believe me, we wish we didn't have to "take control", but the situation calls for it. Desperately. Families can be a huge part of recovery - if they get the support and info they need!


Reminds me of the Britney Spears problem. People made fun of her until she had some melt down and was diagnosed with some disorder, then people started to feel bad for her. I knew something was wrong with Amanda from the moment her craziness started. That's why i refused to say anything negative on articles about her.


Her parents do not need to take over her money. If she's doing better so soon, all doctors have to do is monitor her medication to see what the exact combination is. Then like anyone else on medication they can monitor her m medications and she can live her lie life. She can always check herself in every now and then like Kathryn Zeta Jones. (Kathryn is bi-polar.)

@ bee

CZJ has a family she believes in and the common good sense to get treatment. amanda doesn't seem to be able to help herself. There are ruthless people outbtherevwho will bleed her penniless. Might make for a more interesting story for her to be a homeless person on the streets to some people.

@ Spare+me

Schizophrenics are notorious for falling off they're meds. Once the cocktail works they rationalize that they feel better and stop taking them. Given her high profile status and assets Amanda probably does need a conservatorship. Also the fact that she "screams to get away" from her parents is, again, not unusual on schizophrenia depending on the type. Often the people that are close to the patient are the ones they trust the least, especially when they are off their meds.

@ bee

Wow, you know nothing Bee. Her parents clearly need conservatorship over her so they can monitor her and make SURE she continues to take her meds. I really don't see her doing that on her own. And like Tee said, what Amanda has is nothing like bipolar.

@ bee

You obviously know nothing about her condition which is schizophrenia, its life altering and will be a long road for her to deal with, let alone return to normal. She needs her parents right now, seriously can you even imagine what kind of shock this poor girl must be in right now. She def had all the hallmarks for the disease, and it hit her right at the age where a lot of people that have it start with symptoms. Its a good thing she got help, thank God, now maybe she can resume having a life at some point. But I can def tell you that this is NOTHING like what Catherine Zeta-Jones has.....


Her parents don't need to take over her money. If she's doing better so soon, all doctors have to do is monitor her medication to see what the exact combination is. Then like anyone else on medication they can monitor medications. She can always check herself in every now and then if necessary like Kathryn Zeta Jones. (Kathryn is bi-polar)


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